Sunday, January 8, 2017



There is and has been very real and positive movement over the last week that is an indicator to me and others that the RV/GCR project is nearing a level of activity we have not seen in the past.

This week is likely to see more and more exciting news as we march to the conclusion with positive motion in Iraq, Vietnam and other countries that we have become familiar with over the years.

This is not a guarantee the event will be completed before the inauguration of President Elect Trump, either by design or as a way to ring in the dawn of a new America (hopefully a good one), because we do not know what the actual timing of this event is to this day.

There are many excellent sources of information in Dinarland that have brought you what they know or what they have been told. Those that are still around after years with devoted followers are still here for a reason. They have earned your trust.

To cite three examples I would list RayRen98, Frank26 and Bruce. There are others of course but just because they have not gotten the date right does not mean they were wrong. Trust me, they do their very best for you every day.

Have a great day and a better week!!! 

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