Friday, December 30, 2016


Evenstar:  Will this Saturday Night be "It"???????

Well tomorrow is New Years Eve……Dec. 31, 2016. According to many intel providers it MAY be the night currency rates reset, the GCR, RV is triggered and come Tuesday Morning  (Monday seems to be a banking holiday) we may hopefully see what we all have been hoping and dreaming  of for many years…..

This New Years Eve also happens to fall on a Saturday Night……and those of us who have been watching this investment for years will remember that famous Bloomberg video from a few years ago…

And  with all the delays we have seen in the RV....I still think this info could be very relevant, and it’s exciting to see it on MSM.........really makes it feel real.....with the delays we had had......the Saturday Night scenario may still be true....just later than they expected!!!

Bloomberg video that said one Saturday night they will adjust all the currencies and we wake up Monday morning  (in this case-Tuesday morning) to all new exchange rates!!!

Another blast from the past where MSM talks about the Dinar:
Jim Cramer of Mad Money Talks About Iraqi Dinar
Just a few thoughts…..and even if it happens a bit later…..I hope and pray we all see our hopes and dreams come true really soon

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