Sunday, December 11, 2016


Dynadong:   Well, after all I've read & heard, I believe that when this
'goes' ALL the currencies which are going to be exchangeable
will go at the same time, there is no way anyone will be able
to pop out & fill their boots for a second chance.

This is a one time occurrence, it seems it has taken many
years to plan & to tweak. We are lucky to know about it.

Grateful2Jesus:   Good morning DynaDong.

If what we have been told, I really don't think that double dipping will be allowed. This was rummered about the Politicians and the banksters friends and family program a few years back. If true, then clawbacks could accured, and will be a part of any NDA. Greed is always a fact before, during, and after any financial transactions of the past.

With the Basel III Agreement, transparency with all transactions will be monitored through the CIPS system or the Chinese (Cross-Boarder Inter-Bank Payments System), so with this in play, this system is designed to reduce to almost eliminate corruption by money laundering, illegal offshore accounts, large wire transfer that maybe connected to terrorism.

This system is supposed to handle payment for the financial industry in China, but since China now is a member of the SDR basket of global currencies exchange, as of October 1, 2016, I would speculate that is is now global. The GCR to me will accure soon, and the reason for this is that biblically is is preparation for future use in the New World Order as seen in Revolutions chapter 13, that deals with not being able to buy or sale unless you are marked for identifying the user to have access to any of their resources.

This global infrastructure control system can also be represented by the United Nations as a means to control the world through false peace, also Daniel chapters 11 & 12. In 2016 the US Government threatened China by stating that, if they went gold backed with their currency the Yuan, that it would be an (Act of War). So this reveals the underlying delima for a globally controlled shut off system for those who refuse to play ball.

Long answer to your statement, but what is really hidden behind closed doors would be maybe 100 Terrabites if information.

Stay safe and vigilent. God bless us all with His truth, and mercy, and grace, so that we can be a light in a spiritual dark world.

Respectfully,  Grateful2Jesus


ADMINBILL:  More what if?

What if the Zim does go through? Will it be for those that hold Zim in a group, individually or both?

What if the Zim does go first? Will there be double dipping allowed? Remember the scenarios presented by Tony, DC and others: All currencies were to go at the same time thus preventing double dipping.

As an example, if you remember, original hypothesis presented in the paper stated that one could not use the proceeds of a currency transaction to purchase more of the same currency. That is to say that if you had been lucky enough to do an early exchange you could not turn around and buy more of the same currency and we were told other currencies were out of bounds as well. I believe that was by agreement in order receive cash or SKR.

So what if there is nothing that says you cannot buy other currencies if you are a holder of Zim? I would then think that the same stipulation would be in place when the Zim exchange takes place.

What if there really is a cutoff for Zim purchase? Just because you say there cannot be does not make it so.


OnceWasLost:   those are reasonable 'what-if's' imHo

Let's just let the exchange HAPPEN (now please) and I'll be more than glad to 'settle' for whatever result there is. My skeptical side says: "don't count on anything exotic". My optimistic side says: "Hey, wait just a minute! This WHOLE CONCEPT is exotic, so ANYTHING is possible"! :)

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