Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Sonja:  GM could someone please explain the significance of the Dow reaching 20K. Thank you

DPChamp:  Sonja, Kim Clement, recently deceased, prophesied several years ago that Trump would be elected and that the GCR would occur when the DOW reaches 20,000…… Trump has been elected, so some think the other will also occur

Haloheal: Well we can't say things aren't happening today and who says we need anything else to be signed passed. This can certainly pop at any minute so we fly by the seat of our pants ! Stay positive we certainly are very close ..
Darky:  IMO i dont believe the rate change has anything to do with the budget.

Scotchie:  Darky, I agree


Angel:  How is everyone doing? This morning I stopped by a Citi Bank in my area letting them know that I wanted to buy the IQD and I was told that they no longer sell it.

She could not find codes on her computer. So I came to my office and called the 800# and told the person that I would like to purchase the IQD and again she advised me that they no longer sell the Iraqi Dinar.

So there you go. Isn't that strange, in the mean time the recorded message still gives the code. oh well.

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