Wednesday, December 21, 2016


 "Oh my, Oh my" - VERITAS Report - 12.20.16   11:10:00 PM 

Never would desert you. Soon you will know why I cannot break away. The work load now with things flowing is beyond description. Overwhelming. It is all you can do when it comes, believe me. Somewhere tonight or morning you will know exactly what I mean.
Praise is due in great measure. He has brought us through to a blessing of unimaginable magnitude.
My process is different than yours. You are ready. You have more than you will need to do this. Be confident, be patient. Be humble, be prepared. Be flexible.
Mostly be so very proud that you have been called and selected for such a role.
If you sit quietly for a moment, you will feel a great shift that happened today. You may feel a peace though you can't identify why you should. You will stop worrying. You will feel energized. You will feel loved.
And it is all true.
Now the details is all. Please, as a personal request, send all positive thoughts and love and gratitude. It makes it all come faster.
Proud to know each and every one of you. Can't wait to see your faces.
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