Thursday, December 22, 2016

"Unbelievable" - VERITAS Report - 12.21.16

"Unbelievable" - VERITAS Report - 12.21.16   4:35 PM EST.
(Note: Re: Some negative rumor or post?  Not sure which one? )
Seriously? How creepy is it to post something like that? Someone really likes to mess with people who are in these internet groups. Just sick.

It is just the opposite. I only now saw the posts so I am sorry if you have had stress. Set it aside and don't give it any more energy. Now, let's look at this logically. It is pretty easy to debunk this.

I only have a few minutes, so let's look at Zim first. Remember, the Zim is going to be treated as a bond. It is very important to the NPTB to gather up the Zim. They will not be used for currency but will be taken away once redeemed.

There is no way they are going to leave so much of it out there with no where to go. Ridiculous.

The same thing with the dinar. It is out now, just building value. As soon as it reaches the right level, we will see our release. They want the smaller demons off the street on these, too.

Look, they are tearing their hair out to get this done. It is tough enough waiting without some jerk making everyone panic. Don't let them have you that way.

Internet groups always have been very important in this process. It has not changed.

Keep that positive energy going. It makes a difference!

You know, those stupid posts are like watching a screwed up parent smack their kid. I would sure love to meet some of them afterwards. I'll be sure to treat them to a McDonald's meal. Maybe one that's been sitting out for a day or two in the trash.


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