Wednesday, December 21, 2016


"Interesting Intel I have" - Guest Post by TylerM   3:55:00 PM  on December 21, 2016

I have been following currencies for 4 ½ years now.. I noticed today on the fiscal.treasury.gov website they have their rates of exchange dated September 30 2016. It shows the ZIM as 1 to 1 with USD!

Link to show rates:

If you go to their contact page it gives numbers you can call with questions, well I called Axxxx Pxxxxxx and left a voicemail. She returned my call and verified the rate for the Zimbabwe dollar was correct at 1 to 1 with US dollar.

She couldn’t tell me where I can exchange, she said maybe bank of Zimbabwe.. I kind of laughed and said I’m in KY… I asked if she could direct me
Well, as I’m writing this Axxxx Pxxxxxx sent me an email confirming that rate in writing to my email!
This is the only “intel” I have ever had.. I’m so pumped! We have to be so close..
Thanks in advance for letting me share my thoughts here.   TylerM

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