Monday, December 26, 2016



Elmerf123456 :  6 months ago a contingency of Iraqi officials met in New your with the UN and went over compliance check list. All was done and it is noted on the site.

What we wait for IMO is Kuwait and agreed rate. Mechanics is done.
Also last week the IMF lent Iraq an additional 1.5 Billion. Would you LOAN that kind of money to a losing proposition?

Swipe of a pen is all we need to finish chapter 7&8. Personally I believe the completed Victory in Mosul will be the focal point of celebrations and change in that country that's always been my position and a source of contention that we are ever so close


AJTexas:   Question: Why would six banks begin selling the IQD at the program rate knowing that it is about to revalue? Plus, why would they wait to revalue the IQD until next year and give additional time for more people to get in the game?

Shane:  Elmer something has happened that banks are excepting it now?

Elmerf123456:   Yes they are excepting it but not at the rate we're looking for… but that is a huge step in my Opinion and much further than we ever been in this point

Elmerf123456:  Also did anyone consider that there's a lot of frustration out there and if people cash out before this event happens it's considered a thinning of the herd. some of which is done intentionally and if that is the case just think about the profit that the banks make

Pearle:  elmer i dont agree, they will make more if we exchange

Elmerf123456:  Pearle that's true but they're making money now because people are turning in their currency who were tired of waiting so they make money on both…. I have done my part to try and keep everybody positive and stay off of timelines for as long as I've been in this venture but you can't save everyone and none of us of been correct 100% anyway so I understand the frustration.

Glajef:  Elmer...what is your theory on the stock market now, and how it affects the RV?

Elmerf123456:  The stock market is controlled and the Bonds will tell the real story.

Elmerf123456:  Although this advice may be short-lived now in my opinion it's still holds true if you were spending more than 1 to 2 hours a day in any forum or chat you're spending too much time time is precious it's all that we have and we don't know how much we do have you should do anything and everything to fix your current situation if you own the IQ D put it away it'll be there when it's time And you will not miss a thing

JackSmits:   everyone can have a differing view regarding the RV....and it can change on a dime ...to illustrate in a story, my sister was growing weary of my brother in law speaking his naysaying RV attitude , so my sister, secretly color copied her currency, and the next evening when he started again, without a word, she got up, grabbed that currency, walked over to the fireplace and threw it in the fire. After he finished flipping out, she explained what she'd done. He's an admitted believer now :)

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