Monday, December 5, 2016


Lilypad:   It appears that they actually completed voting but are coming back Monday 1pm to tie up loose ends…. since they got to article 50 for voting and were taking the sequentially, it is my assumption they did vote on the articles--breaking for the night--will meet in the back room tomorrow to finalize discrepancies and convene full parliament at 1pm.

This is all in my opinion as I cannot find that in print. I am sure they are tired at midnight.

RVAlready:  Looks like one short meeting tomorrow to sign budget, then RV the currency, then IMF meeting! Then we go to the bank before the end of the month (or maybe the end of the week).

Rojo:  The UN still has to grant Iraq authorirty to trade international before we see RV

RVAlready:  I think the UN is ready to do that…. The UN has been pushing this for months.

AJTexas:  If their budget is based on the RI rate of 1 to 1, 80 trillion dinar should get the job done. At the program rate no way!

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