Sunday, December 4, 2016



TNT Saturday UPDATE for December 3, 2016 (about 10:15 EST)

Abadi reportedly on TV earlier today stating if the budget is not voted on and passed within the next 2 days then Parliament's recess will be canceled.

Later that evening......Reports on Iraqi TV saying the 2017 budget should be approved tomorrow!


PacificDinar:  Remember everyone that the 2017 Budget has hinged on what the expected oil prices might be next year. OPEC has agreed to slow production to increase the amount/barrel that is currently at $51.68. This is good news for Iraq. Abadi has said that for every $1.00 increase/barrel equates to $1 billion to their budget. Oil is nearly 95% of their budget. Go RV!

woodsbl :  How will the budget being approved cause an RV? Anyone know??

hartnio : Woodsbi, they have to have a rate to finalize the budget...

Tndr : woodsbi, the new budget passed means it could be read publicly, which should show the rate....the new rate is the expectation.

Lilypad:  We are there! Abadi has put his foot down to Parliament--No more petty bickering and squabbling-or you will lose your recess!

Famous13:  Thanks lilypad. Seems like Abadi is ready to get this RV over with just like us

Lilypad:  Famous--This is what I believe--Actually on Nov 7th--Iraq got its walking papers in country. Dec 5--Iraq will get its walking papers outside of country--internationally. That is why we are seeing the 1-1 online pricing.

Mangelo:  We know they RI over two years ago and on record they RV'd they have never made it public......now they are wanting to make it public! it's our weekend!!!!

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