Saturday, December 3, 2016



Mangelo:  Like I told you guys about a week ago they RI has happen! they have new prices and they haven't made the RV public yet……RV!!!! waiting for it to be public!!!!!!

Mangelo:  Great article,,,, Central Bank of Iraq aims to raise the Iraqi dinar..​​....


Natok:  thought I would share this: my daughter was at a business dinner in a larger town. Around her was a couple that does missionary work in Zim (country). Another couple at the table was asking him questions about the country and their economy (which perked my daughter's ears!)

The lady told him that she had helped someone one time, and they never had money to pay her back, so they gave her some $500 zim notes. She asked if they were worth anything. They told her if she wanted to give them to them for their church, they could take them back and it would give $1M to their church.

She said they did not use those any more, they were using "bond notes" which made their money $1 zim to $1 usd! so was told over there these notes were were .03/$1. so she asked if she held on to them if someday she would be a millionaire, he told her probable so! my daughter knew this lady did not know anything about the currency exchange the way the conversation was! But really got her attention!

she decided to keep her zim! I think she was talking about 2 500 zim notes

Tysonace:  NAtok is your daughter heavily invested in zim?

Natok:  thought it was interesting that their bond notes were 1/1. no my daughter has no zim! but she don't know what I have! Lol

Markster:  so 500 zim is $1 mil ???

Natok:  Markster, that is what i understood….these may have been 500T notes, not sure, but still sounds good!   the lady had a hard time understanding what he was saying when he was telling her "bond notes", my daughter translated that for her! Lol

Tysonace:  1to1 on the zim is almost unfathomable, but I won't complain natok

OKRocks:  nantok sounds like she was saying the new bond notes are 1 to 1 which we knew and the old notes are 3 cents to a dollar... I could handle 3 cents

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