Saturday, December 24, 2016


TNT: Christmas Eve UPDATE

As we enjoy the eve of Christmas, let us reflect on our current status to-date.
Things have been somewhat quiet in Iraq these past few days....
Banks are at an all-time high expectancy rate.

Some Wells sources confirmed seeing a memo last Monday indicating RV and exchanges by Christmas......guess not now. LOL

We are now up to 6 banks buying/selling the IQD, Wells (Fargo) should be on board next week!

International acceptance is no longer a concern for me, put a fork in this meat, it is DONE! Smile


Robert001:  Besides Citibank, who are the other banks exchanging Dinar?

Luvwulfs:  Robert Citibank is the only one confirmed.

Islandgurl:  Robert: IMHO: What matters is who else besides CitiBank is ready for US to walk in and Exchange these currencies at the Rate we are expecting.

Ify:  Citibank story is true. Several days ago I called the 800 number and listened to the Automated recording and heard Iraq Code is 472. I did NOT talk to a live person.

JThomas3:  Maybe someone could answer this for me and maybe I'm just reading it wrong. With the update what does it mean next week Wells should be on board? I thought Wells has always been on board with this all. Thanks to everyone in advance

Pearle:  My understanding is that Wells Fargo so far has denied any relationship with the Dinar...they should join the other banks buy/sell, hopefully with the rates we are looking for

Eccl519:  If WF is indeed the Big Dog regarding IQD, then it's reasonable they will be the most hidden. These other banks (imo) need the to be online and ready more than WF due to underlying agreements, contracts and Regs. Even the banks now want to Be Ready So The Don't Have To Get Ready!!

67FastBak:  ECCL that was my thought also. Everybody should be on line and ready to go when WF goes online.

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