Wednesday, December 14, 2016


TNT: Beethovin:  Ray says it's time to go, Bruce says it's time to go, Frank says it's time to go, and Ralph says it's time to go.

Pearle:  12-14-2016 Bruce:   In terms of Iraq everything has been done in Iraq that needed to be done. Theys put out and dispersed in ATM Bank machines, in banks and provinces. Have their rates been known Internationally yet? I don’t believe so. They talked about it, and lower denominations are in. That is all good. Their QI cards are charged up at a rate that is very good. I do believe things are in process. We are very close of the start of this blessing for us.   We are in a situation we can go anytime.  We are literally waiting for the release for everything to go. We will have an incredible Christmas and New Years.

Lilypad:  UN operatonal rates. Please note that there is no mid-month revision today (13 Dec) for 15 December 2016. Next revision is scheduled on 29 Dec for the effective date of 31 Dec 2016 https://treasury.un.org/operationalrates/default.php


Dedar:  9 Ball did you ever get an update with your friend in Reno?

9Ball:  My Dr. friend that is a friend of that person hasn't heard from him and can't contact him either. He thinks he may have exchanged and is afraid of violating the NDA. If I hear anything I will bring it in.

Elmerf123456:  Remember Okie doesn't post. If he has something to say, he's agreed to go through me. The world is full of false profits and wannabes!

Kue911:  elmer GM, any good news this morning?

Elmerf123456:  Plenty but we vet everything and no one will be in the dark.

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