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Bruce:  Welcome everyone in Big Call Country. It will be 5 years at end of this month for the Big Call. We don’t have to go until the end of the year. Welcome all especially those listening for the first time. We hope to give you accurate picture of what is going on with this blessing.

I want everyone to realize when I find out the Intel I tried to bring to you it comes from several sources. Just so you are aware sometimes people even people who have been on the call with us don’t have the same Intel as I do. The Intel in this particular case I have sources that are specific and particular who I am and who those people are. The Intel I have brought the last few months have been pretty much from my sources just so you know.  I am just saying this because sometimes information gets out there and we get lumped into together with things we are not necessary want to be a part of.

Bruce:  To clarify things we had some questions last week or so about where we are right now with the various banks out there. I talked about this on Tuesday.  HSBC is the lead bank for this exchange redemption process.  They are the International leader. Wells Fargo is getting the position of lead bank in the United States. They are working together as big brother and little brother. Big brother is HSBC, and little brother is Wells Fargo. They are working in conjunction with AIIB and People’s Bank of China. It is a group, collaborated effort. We are not here to extol the work from one bank over another bank.  All those banks are important and many other banks are important with this process. As our banks in Canada as the Royal Bank of Canada,  Scotia Bank, and TD Bank. All are part of this redemption process. We appreciate our partners of the north.
Bruce:  HSBC is International and has branches in various parts of the world. HSBC has the largest international presence, and are doing these exchange around the world also. They have put in 110 to 120 redemption centers in Canada. They have done this as separate exchange locations like we talked about having 6800 redemption or exchange locations in North America which includes United States and Canada.  It is a joint venture between Wells Fargo and HSBC.
Bruce:  Also so we can clarify what we know about Abbott Downing.  It is the high net worth individual arm of Wells Fargo underneath that umbrella. The primarily work Abbott Downing has been involved with is training representatives of these banks of HSBC, Wells Fargo and others to become totally trained on the concept of the exchange process in terms of trusts and specific things they are strong in.  Talking about Abbott Downing, Abbott Downing has been in a training role and will be concerning intake in various exchange centers. They are very much and will be part of the process. Tier 1 banks such as Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, all those players will be involved also in this process.

​Also Fifth Third Bank, Sun Trust Bank, Bank First and other Tier two banks as also Regions Bank. These 4 banks are tier 2 and many more are part of this process. Then Tier 3 and 4 banks that are hometown banks privately owned, maybe not part of the process itself with the exchange but maybe something you want to use for bill paying, etc.  Diversifying your accounts by moving funds to various banks. You will be able to this freely. It might be difficult to move large tranches of funds to your small bank. You will need to talk to your bank manager at your little bank. Tell them what is going on and you would like to continue working with them, but to be aware you plan to do a large transfer of a bank wire or bank cashier or bank check that you will deposit in your existing account. That is cool thing to do that.

Bruce:  There been a lot of talk about certain banks. The process itself has not change. We have the plan to receive a toll free number which would be the way we will be notified and able to contact banks to set up our appointments.  Even though we are hearing about exchanges internationally, primarily most of us are still waiting as an internet group to be notified by the 800 number that we will go ahead call and set up our appointment. The first call is to a call center. They handle that and give us another number to call to a number that gets us to our region to handle our appointment according to our zip code. We give our zip code and basic information so we can set up our appointment.

Bruce:  28 % of the redemption centers are set up for ZIM exchange. What I understand still is that is the case. That is what I plan to do it. People have written saying you use to give out rates in the past. I feel rates have a tendency to change. I don’t want people to feel it is one thing than another. Like ZIM was high yesterday in well into the 5 figures. If you are someone that has plans to do large projects, major things as adopt a city, adopt a town, something in water, whatever area you drawn to, you have to have the money to last 20 to 100 years. You need to think long term of your legacy. That is why you have the ability to negotiate a higher rate based on what you wish to do according to a humanitarian job creation side of things. If you want to create jobs, say 1000 jobs, or save a company that is important.  That is something we can do. What we plan to do is a rebuild concept not only here in America but the world. We will come up with a title for that. We will rebuild America first before we go internationally.
Bruce:  I received an email that they had 20 people in a group who are thinking why do we want to hang on this any longer for high rates and they want to give up on humanitarian projects and just disappear. Maybe that is the best thing for you.  If you don’t have the drive to help and do others things for people, take your ball and go home if that is what you saying. That is up to you guys. God is going to raise up people to do these projects. He raised 1000 of you on this call to do his work. It is going to be fun. If you are someone saying it is just not worth it and I don’t what to do humanitarian projects, and I can’t see myself doing it, then take the bank screen rate and just disappear and do that. That is fine. It is up to you. You make that call. Don’t blame me or anyone else this is taking longer than you thought because you are fed up.

Realize I have been in this for 12 years. This is a longer ride I thought by 6 years. I get frustrated as you do, but I decided to be here every Tuesday and Thursday nights. I will be here afterwards with you guys. This is the commitment I made as Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven has.  We are a team.  Part of this team are you guys in Big Call country. You part of the team I am trying to keep you encouraged and informed. I don’t want anyone to throw in the towel. We are here to encourage you and bring you up. We are strong together and we want to stay that way. I want to get that off my chest. We are there for you. We know you are hurting. Many of you are down to the very end, end of the rope. We are at the other end of the rope and we here so you not drop down into the abyss. I can’t answer all the emails. I do get a lot of information and know you are concern and I am too.

Bruce:  Now let us talk about the Intel as to where we are now. We talked about banks and rates. There are some low screen rates I heard about,  but my thinking is most of the so called bank rates will be higher than we thought. Iraq still a factor in this? Yes. Has the announcement about the budget, the amendment of the HCL law and anything else come out? It came out. It was already pre recorded it wasn’t aired yesterday. It has been put off until Saturday morning. That news is coming out of Iraq may not get here Saturday. They do plan to air it Saturday morning. There is a tie in with the IMF that has to do with the loan they plan on making to Iraq and announce that on Monday, December 5.

​I think we are in a position we should get really good information somehow now and the end of the weekend. Everything I am hearing is that Tier 3 is still wrapping up. Out west things are very quiet even though there is a beehive of activity going on there. As part of Tier 3 Church groups were to start at 9am today on the west coast. I don’t have confirmation that they did start. There are 120 to 140 Church groups around the country, about 2 per state on average per state.  Those under Tier 3 are ready to be paid working through now. Approximately when half have gone through of the Church group then it will be time to notify us as Tier 4 group. We have a little wait to get to 50 percent before we get notified. As some believe we are at any second.  Some feel this may take us through the weekend. I am here to say I don’t know when. My tendency is to think we should have a good weekend.

Bruce:  Today is Thursday. We have been there as some say. What makes this different than it has before?  What makes it different?   The Intel is very specific of what it is we are waiting for.

Remember those large bank tranches we talked about with 39 zero and 42 zero range before  Thanksgiving?  We understand that last night just before midnight one of those tranches with 39 zeros were received. Than two more were with 39 zeros each. 3 came through by lunchtime today. Then they expect 2 more bytomorrow night. That is 5 in 3 days. Total hydration taking place throughout the United States. That is what we are looking for. We have the funds in place to do these exchanges regardless of the amounts and currencies. They are ready to go with plenty of equity in the system and more to go tomorrow night as I said by tomorrow night.
Bruce:  This was supposed to have gone 6 times in the last 2 weeks. So every time we think it is right there, it has been.  It hasn’t gone because of one thing or another. There has been a system cleanup going on around the world. Is it all done? I don’t know. It might have some more to go. Maybe enough has been done so it will be a supreme weekend for us. That is my hope.
Bruce:   I tell you now all the lower denominations are out in Iraq with their currency in all of the providences.  The dinar is showing in Iraq at 1 to 1 with the USD now.  In country it is higher and will be higher. They are doing trading buying and selling in par of the USD. We heard few days ago, maybe a week ago, the ZIM dollar has a public rate on the US Treasury site at 1 to 1 to USD.  The ZIM has parity with the USD.  The currency we hold is a bond and that has a much higher value than that. Those who have it are truly blessed and chosen. That is why the banks call us the COs or Chosen Ones. 

Bruce:  Where are we? We are in a great place right now. We have been pushed back from Wednesday. Things were looking solid. It was pushed back but not sure how far. We are not calling a date, but the weekend is looking very good at this time. We look good in the past and we look good now, but we look good this weekend as it stands right now.  You guys get the gist of it?  Don’t give up now. Don’t throw in the towel. Hang in there. We are not far from the finish line. Have you seen Olympic swimmers swim? Coming in the final length they hit the wall hard. They don’t slow down and drift into the wall. If they do the other swimmers will beat them. You have to drive hard into the wall. You just didn’t just slowly reach out and touch the wall. Listen we are going to finish this race hard to the wall. Let’s think in terms of making that final lap. That final flip turn and end hard. Hit it hard.  Hit the wall. Don’t coast in.  No costing in. Understand there is some frustration even in the old Bruce here. I want this as bad as you do.  Hang in there as Sue is, as Ken is, and as Bob is. Bob is chilling. He is very patient.  He wants this to happen too as Pastor Steven does.  

Bruce:  Continue to have faith in this. It is right here.  Hang in there. We know we are part of the internet group and we know we are going to get the 800 numbers shortly. Thank you all for listening and appreciate all listening on the call and being a faithful listener. Thank you, Sue, Bob, Ken, Pastor Steven, and the rest of the team of the Big Call. We should hear something.  We may not do a call on Tuesday depending on what happens till then. Look at our website: thebigcall.net for further information of calls. All have a beautiful and complete sleep tonight. I appreciate all the international people and thank you all for writing in telling me where you are out there.  Good night Everybody.

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