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Simplified GCR / RV Questions & Answers, 17 DEC

Simplified GCR / RV Questions & Answers

What is the RV? What are first basket currencies?

The RV stands for "revaluation" of internationally recognized currencies in relationship to the new gold standard, which has already been re-instituted to solve the global debt crisis, quietly, via international treaty and soon to be announced. Now in the process of revaluating all international currencies, there are a few that will be reinstated and/or past discrepancies in their tradable value will be resolved. This means there a few "first basket currencies" that will make sizable adjustments in the pricing, which will create dramatic arbitrage opportunities for investors aware of the Global Currency Reset (GCR). Those known first basket currencies include the Afghanistan Afghani (AFA), Indonesia Rupiah (IDR), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Iranian Rial (IRR), Iraqi Dinar (IQD), and Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD).

Why hasn't the RV already happened? Why isn't the RV more public?

It has happened in the background; in fact on December 11, 2016 here in the USA and December 12, 2016 in China, the revaluation process begin in earnest and started a three week global release process; 1 week before redemptions (settling of master accounts), 1 week of private redemptions (by Christmas), 1 week after redemptions to clean up all 2016 business (by New Year's Day).

The public reveal of this new financial system will come on line in 2017, and new rates will suddenly appear, with public redemptions openly being allowed and nobody will be aware of these private redemptions. In terms of why was the RV so private, it was determined many years ago that the transition of the global financial system was best kept a diplomatic secrete as to protect the masses from self-induced panic--however, the process took nearly twenty years to complete, going back as far as 1996, so details did eventually leak out and ultimately the RV found its way into the public consciousness. If you're reading this, it means you're one of them:)

What are screen rates? What are sovereign rates? When does an NDA come into play?

Screen rates are what you would normal see at the bank when redeeming or buying foreign currency. They are tradable internationally and recognized anywhere in the world Sovereign rates are values that countries value other nation's true value at, which ultimate creates a separate currency value based on audited natural asset value. The screen rate is a faction of sovereign rate.

And for the first time in history, the average person on the street will be able to ask for and receive the sovereign rate, if they are aware of it and have humanitarian projects (also job creation projects) that serve the greater good. Meaning, all first basket currencies carry a higher sovereign value versus their screen rate, and if you desire to achieve a higher redemption rate for your currency (above and beyond the listed screen rate) you must have reasonable cause due to humanitarian and job creation projects in order to justify receiving the higher sovereign rates.

Think of your currency like a blank check, and you can write in whatever amount you can manage comfortably. The bankers job is to make sure everyone gets exactly what they need, yet not over or under burden any individual redeemer. So it's important to be honest with yourself and open with your redeeming banker about your needs and plans, so they'll can make sure you get to where you should be in terms of rate and future structured payout investment programs should you desire to go that pathway. Keep in mind, signing an NDA will be mandatory for clients receiving higher sovereign rates.

Why is the ZIM so valuable? What redemption rate should I ask for?

For those holding ZIM note(s), you actually hold small bonds that lay legal claim to the land and natural assets of Zimbabwe which are shockingly vast, and still largely untapped. As such, nations like Zimbabwe, China, Russia and others want to tap into (mine) that potential, but first they must satisfy all past or historic debts which include your bond/currency. The ZIM bond/currency is now being redeem for his purpose at 1:1 value on the streets of Zimbabwe.

Thus, your ZIM note(s) are redeemable at the printed face value per each individual note at the same value, which is why the screen rate should open at $1.00 USN, but the end redemption value can escalate up to $125,000.00 USN because that's its audited sovereign rate value. Again, the rate you receive will depend on your desire and capacity to service the greater good of humanity, and globally. Know that it is completely understandable to ask for and receive a far lesser rate than $1.00 USN per each ZIM note if the screen rate is just too much money for any one individual to manage--whatever their reasons. Again, think of the ZIM like getting a biggest blank check is history, benevolently given for the hydration of your family, community, country, continent and the world; it just so happens to be in your possession at the time of a global currency reset (GCR) when a few select currencies are revaluing (RV) back to the gold standard.

Other first basket redemption values are listed below in order from low to high, with final values depending on individual note printed face value and listed sovereign rate:

6) AFA
5) IDR
4) VND
3) IRR
2) IQD
1) ZIM

How will I be contacted? Where do I go to redeem my currency?

Due to anticipated high call volume, the banking community has created additional 800# toll free contact numbers that will service the Internet currency community at the time of global release. That community will be contacted through a handful of key providers, who will then immediately share these contact numbers with the entire community either through email, conference call, twitter or text. Also know that standard foreign currency exchange 800#s will be able to schedule a more traditional exchange appointment for first basket currency holders at the time of release.

And depending on which currencies you hold, you'll be professionally directed to either a temporary off site exchange location or a permanent brick and mortar banking facility. However, as part of this Internet currency community, you are considered an unofficial member of a well informed private redemption group, and will be treated with more amenities and special services as a result at one of 12,500 redemption centers domestically.

Is the RV legal? Is my redemption a taxable event? Is the appointment / redemption process safe?

Because 209 countries have already agreed per international treaty (2015 Paris Agreement) to return to the gold standard, the RV is very much a legal event. Also as a result of this kind of international cooperation, there will be no domestic or international taxation when you initially redeem your currency as mandated per a global debt jubilee. Safe passage will be secured by each individual government, military, intelligence agency and local law enforcement division worldwide, no matter where you live or how much currency value you might be carrying. So yes on all fronts, the RV event is legal, tax free and very safe.

Everything structurally and technically has been completed. So it's now OK to exhale Internet currency community, and just enjoy this final step in what has been a long and arduous process for many. Congratulations for sticking it out!

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