Monday, December 12, 2016

RV Intel Report, 12 DEC

Geopolitical Overview
December 11, 2016


Daily Global Oil Production
90 Million Barrels Per Day

OPEC & Non OPEC Oil Production Reduction
53 Million Barrels Per Day

Total OPEC & Non OPEC Oil Production Reductions Agreed to as of Saturday

1.2 million barrels per day (OPEC)
0.558 million barrels per day (non OPEC)
1.758 million barrels per day (OPEC & non OPEC) or almost 2% of global oil supply.

Big f-ing deal. Talk about a drop in the proverbial petrol bucket.

No, this oil production reduction pageant was really about stabilizing big oil producing nation's output to achieve GESARA compliance, so that the RV could begin over with weekend with fixed (fair market) currency rates and avoid initial negative sovereign arbitrage plays by world energy traders today, Sunday.

Notice how this "historic deal" was done when all the banks and markets were closed Saturday night.

We're still waiting on the UN Security Council's final ceasefire vote on Aleppo (Israeli Mossad amnesty), as well as the winter natural gas deal in the Ukraine with Russia (Germany's Merkel GEXIT).

There will be no global RV until those two issues remain because they are the whole reason for the RV--the absolute removal of dark nobility/cabal/Khazarian/Nazi/Jesuit family influence from the modern affairs of hu-manity (people of color).

We are free. Rejoice!

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