Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR Dec.14 2016

PRestored Republic via a GCR Dec.14 2016

Compiled 14 Dec. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Dec. 13 2016 Bruce's The Big Call:

1. The Global Currency Reset will likely be close to Christmas,

2. The Internet Group & Prosperity Packages will both go at the same time

3. There are 6,800 redemption centers in North America to handle our exchanges (which will be approximatly 1 hour each).

4. There is a back wall and it is only a couple of days away.

5. The GCR can go at any time.

6. Everything has been done in Iraq. The lower denominations are already out and in ATM machines, and Q cards are loaded.

7. There has been good progress against ISIS

8. Yesterday, Dec. 12 2016, they were exchanging currencies in Israel and possibly in other parts of the world.

9. Monday morning Dec. 12 and today Dec. 13, large tranches of money went out. A large one is moving tonight to hydrate our accounts.

10. The Transition Agreement (to initiate our exchanges) was agreed upon yesterday Dec. 12 2016.

11. The 800 numbers have been dispersed, but we don't have them yet.

12. Everything is done, including out West. Bonds have been paying out and transacting.

13. The IMF announced that rates would not change on Dec. 15 (as would be normal), but would change on Dec. 29. (Which tells me they want rate changes to be kept quiet).

14. If you want to adopt a community, create jobs and build up the infrastructure in a certain area, Bruce is organizing that through an organization titled "Build America."

B. Dec. 13 2016 5:24 pm EST TZX Intelligence Report: "Final Transition Agreement" - TZX Intelligence Report - 12.13.16 As of Mon. Dec. 12 2016 this is what was agreed upon in the Final Transition Agreement (FTA):

1. World Peace - UN Security Council / Israel / Syria / EU

2. Ukraine Gas & Government - Russia / EU / Germany

3. Christmas Currency - Elders / UST

4. RV - HSBC / WF / Republic

5. Trump / Clinton Retirement - Russia / China / Republic

6. Disclosure - Obama / Vatican / Elders

7. Ryan Presidential Administration - Republic / Russia / China

C. Dec. 13 2016 5:38 pm EST TNT Chat: "Dec. 15th to 31st" - Tues. AM TNT Thoughts 
NetGlobal: Just read Frank26 -says somewhere between Dec 15th and Dec 31st. Dr. Clarke says the same. Rayren says anytime now and that Hill Critter is saying it will happen in Jan.

D. Dec. 13 2016 9:35 am EST WSOMN Chat: "Let's See What Happens" - Tues. AM WSOMN Thoughts

Stag1: Frank stated that the (Iraqi) Budget was done. He said let's see what happens Tues. or Wed.

Darky: Budget was done a while ago.

Lostnq8: You are right, but there were some Prime Ministers who made unconstitutional adjustments that the US and IMF caught.

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