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Oliver North was on Fox news last night said that it will take another 3 years to restore Mosul because it took 3 years for ISIS to take over. I respect his opinion, but do you have any thoughts on the subject?

Islandg1211:  OPINION: Good question!

IMO, although, Ollie's, the Pentagon's, and Abadi's comments sound very different as to a time frame for the liberation of Mosul, they aren't. Ollie is saying 3 years. The Pentagon just said 2 years to get rid of ISIS in Iraq. Abadi said by the end of the year, but had to amend that to another 3 months. I'm estimating 3-6 months for Mosul.

The difference of time frames is how one is defining "liberated" verses "secure from terrorist attacks."

Look at Fallujah, Tikrit, Bagdad all "liberated" yet all still have terrorists attacks. So, when the Pentagon is saying that realistically they need to stay in Iraq another another 2 years, they are referring to 1) liberating, 2) keeping the peace, and 3) routing out the remaining terrorists throughout the country.
My last Iraq update was all about the fact that THE ORIGINAL PLAN FOR IRAQ IS BACK ON TRACK FOR 2017. I went through and reminded everyone what the Bush/UN plan included for Iraq.
One of the requirements - not option - by the US, was that there would be 10,000 US troops permanently in Iraq. That's a tough sell in a Muslim country. I'm not at all surprised that the Pentagon and their talking heads on the MSM are suddenly now talking about 2, maybe 3 years. This is an intentional "Sell" of the plan to the folks in the US and in Iraq. This deal is done. The U.S. never intended to pull completely out of Iraq.
In my opinion, this is a very good sign for the timing of the RV to have comments made on the MSM that the troops are staying. IMO, that statement covers two purposes: 1) the reality of "winning the peace" and 2) justify the original plan to keep US troops in Iraq.
The original requirements in addition to 10,000 US troops, also included every one of the UNSC Chapter VII sanctions, Reconciliation, Fully Formed Government, HCL, and Amnesty Law.
The IMF had their list of requirements, including the Budget. All of these requirements suddenly have articles and meetings addressing each one.
This goes along with the CBI stating that they plan to come out with the lower denom's and begin the deletion of the three zeroes in early 2017 IF the conditions are right.
Abadi factored 3 months to liberate Mosul, but had to add another 3 months to that. A new push started today in East Mosul. IMO, they aren't even thinking about waiting 2-3 years to RV. Just get done with East Mosul, enter West Mosul and get Baghdadi - 3 months and it's done enough.

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