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Our news today is mostly about a couple articles on the “project to delete the zeros”. One article was already published in 2015 and a blast from the past. I also want to bring some clarity to statements I made in a previous news letter about the movement of Iraq out of Chapter VII sanctions. I will say this again and so read my lips if you are hard of hearing– IRAQ CAN NOT REVALUE OR MOVE FORWARD WITH THE PROJECT TO DELETE THE ZEROS WHILE STILL IN CHAPTER VII SANCTIONS. Get it? So how do they resolve this issue and do it now so the CBI can move forward? Keep reading I will clarify.

The other is a very recent publication (yesterday) but a repeat of a previous article from earlier 2016 and was now republished once more as it was recycled. Appears they just changed the date and republished it. This second article is like de’javu don’t you think!   
So I want to show you what is going on here and make some conclusions today.
I find this amazing news as we are beginning to see the re-education process of the project to delete the zeros about to begin.
In my recent news letters (LINK) I also talked about what was remaining for Iraq to do to get out of chapter VII finally. In a very recent article they flat out told us that the payment of the war reparations with Kuwait was the only remaining item left. We know that previous agreements with Kuwait allowed Iraq to pay down this debt in installments using their $$ oil revenues and to pay it in US dollars.
Now we recently witnessed a surge in articles on this topic. Why now all of a sudden?
Last Wednesday Kuwait came to Iraq and they signed an agreement. What was in this agreement?
Besides trade deals it also changed the terms of the original reparations agreement and now made payments in Iraqi dinar (yes dinar) instead of US dollars to begin in 2017 and extend out to 2018. But why would they find this more beneficial? Why did they do this?
Three reasons: . But you must relate all four factors together to see the picture since one factor alone does not tell the entire story.
First: They needed this deal to expedite the removal of Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions fully thus allow the groundwork to go ahead with the project to delete the zeros (a revaluation of the currency). They needed this release from Chapter VII.
Second: They decided payments in Iraq dinar vs US dollar as this currency would be much more valuable to Kuwait since the inevitable revaluation would put more value in the Kuwaiti reserves since a revalued Iraq dinar could result in as much as  5:1 in value compared to the US dollar. Iraq also needs the US dollars now for reconstruction and help in their economic situation already also committed to US dollars.
Third: When using Iraq as a trading partner, Iraqi dinars would be more valuable to have in the Kuwaiti reserves once sanctions are lifted and thus valuable too from the aspect of future remittances to Iraq for payments for goods and services as trading partners.
Forth: We must keep going back to what we already know. Iraq is about to explode in all dimensions of tourism, industry, and commerce. Where is all this new labor going to come from? We know now the majority of domestic labor is imported from across the border from Kuwait.  
So when I say they will pay Kuwait for these war reparations in “revalued” Iraqi dinar this is what I mean.
Many are now bashing me for these statements about Kuwait since they are mostly concerned with finding sarcasm and not the truth. They call me names and even put words in my mouth that I never said. Their lack of being able to comprehend my news is not my fault. I only write the news as I hear it and prove it to be true. If you want to be silly and make up things you can always do this. But instead doesn’t it make more sense to listen and possibly learn something you didn’t already know….? This is a sign of a truly educated and intelligent person.
Am I perfect? No- since I have made mistakes in the past listening to others are reporting on their nonsense. I have been hurt by this since I see it also hurts you. I have tried very hard to tighten my sources and research carefully prior to bringing the news to you. I see all the darn right garbage intel out there so the last thing I want is to partake in this madness.
As usual I present the articles below and add my comments in italic RED.
Articles Begin

(note the date)

Tue Mar 03 2015 15:05 | (Voice of Iraq)
The project of deleting zeros came late after a long delay for this projectwhich may bring back prestige to the Iraqi dinar which has suffered inflation for quite a long time. (so they told us back then there was a delay but now they intend to move forward. In retrospect we know that later that year they postponed it again)

The Iraqi Central Bank (CBI) will begin this year with the procedures of deleting three zeros from the local currency according to the financial parliamentary committee in Iraq based on the official correspondences between the Central bank and the committee. (so we see they had full intentions of going forward with the project in 2015 but at the last moment decided to postpone until EARLY 2017, as we found out later)

Abdul-Hussain al-Yasseri, a member of the financial committee, assured that the project is about to begin to delete three zeros from the local currency adding that the local currency will lower from 4 billion units to 1 billion units which will make currency transfers easier. Al-Yasseri, also, pointed out that the financial committee supports measures to enhance local currency considering the importance of Iraqi economy. (so they want to reduce the currency amount by 75%, I quote from the article – “the local currency will lower from 4 billion units to 1 billion units which will make currency transfers easier”. I fully believe they are telling us this is what they wanted to do prior to the next phase of project to delete the zeros not as part of the aftermath of the project as they stated and I quote “which will make currency transfers easier” meaning making the process easier).

(So have they done this already? What do you think the e-dinar and SMART cards are all about? This effort has put the finishing touches  on reducing the currency count. Did they collect enough already to reduce the count by 75%? They told us yesterday in the second article below they must have accomplished this goal since they intend to still go forward in EARLY 2017 as planned way back when they postponed it in 2015)

The central bank said that deleting zeros comes within a plan to improve its monetary policy and to enhance currency management.

The central bank pointed out in last August that it plans to delete zeros from the Iraqi dinar to facilitate transactions that are carried out mostly in cash among the challenges that Iraq will probably face when it will delete zeros from the dinar is to withdraw 30 trillion dinars currently used in the Iraqi market then getting rid of them and replace them with new currency. (wow! this statement could not say it any clearer just what they intend to do over the next 10 years. But they will do this over a 10 year period to get the last 25% of the 3 zero note currency out of circulation and replaced)

Observers fear that this may open the door for currency counterfeiting on a large scale taking advantage of withdrawing old currency from the markets. The project of deleting zeros from the old Iraqi currency despite its strategic importance though its implementation should take into account the stability of security policy in the country to avoid any disastrous consequences(So we see by this last statement too is a reason for postponement till 2107. Oh- but do they need security? Of course they do since they are telling us right here in this article they do. What more do you need? So please no one tell me SECURITY is or was not important as to when they continue this project to delete the zeros. Instead the point I want to make is when is there enough security to continue the project once again? Well…the answer is so obvious you have to be an idiot not to see it. It is literally right in front of our noses. It is the ability to control and throw ISIS out of Iraq. So why did Abadi announce the timing of this event to the end of 2016 and the CBI also plan on the project to delete the zeros until EARLY 2017. Did they just coincidentally coincide their plans on these timelines? NO- this was intentional and well thought out.)

(so now we know they just announced a 3 month delay in getting rid of ISIS. What is the impact on the project? Will this also delay the project to delete the zeros. Does the CBI also now shift their plan to a future date? I believe right now they are just going to play this out by ear and see what progress with ISIS can be make with the implementation of phase 2, as I described in my last news letter. Then as time passed shift as needed. So all we can do right now is sit and wait and see)
Central bank: 2017 will see the issuance of new cash categories
(note the date on this article. This is a republishing of this article from earlier this year. They are confirming to us once again this project “is likely” to move forward in EARLY 2017. We have been waiting for something like this to confirm it is still on track for EARLY 2017. Note it did not say mid 2017 as many of you are jumping on the bandwagon once again and putting words in Mnt Goat’s mouth since the news of the 3 month delay in fighting ISIS. This seems to be how you idiots get into trouble. Instead just read and listen and do not presume or spread rumors since the CBI did not tell us mid 2017. They are still saying EARLY 2017 not mid 2017. GET IT! Could it extend out to mid 2017? Yes anything is possible but do not assume, just wait and see)
Brother - Baghdad
Director General of counting version and inventories at the CBI Ihsan Yasiri delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency and a national project to feminine Iraqi currency, likely work on the project early in 2017.

"The Yasiri that" the central bank began to study the development of new designs for the currency after the removal of zeros it, "noting that" the deleted zeros currency will deliberate for Sntn in the local markets, as the bank continues to center to pull the old category of the currency over ten years. " (so again this article confirms that the two currences {the 3 zero notes and the new lower denoms} will coincide for 10 years as they slowly pull the 3 zero  notes off the market during this period. The e-dinar and SMART card projects will help in this process. So once the banks get the 3 zero notes for the merchants as they exchange them for US dollars, to remit payments for goods and services, the banks will turn these into the CBI and they will not be re-circulating the notes as they will then use electronic banking going forward. This is slow process as each province comes online with electronic banking. The obstacle is still to get the citizens to trust the banks since to get paid via electronically the CBI needs to have a bank account to deposit their funds in)

He continued that "it is likely the launch of the new category from the beginning of the currency in 2017 because there are a number of opponents of the project," pointing out that "monetary category 50, 100 and 200 to ease trading burdens currency after deletion of zeros, as well as the provision of liquidity to the means of transportation of currency." (must wait until EARLY 2017. Why? I quote from the article above “because there are a number of opponents of the project”.)

The Iraqi Central Bank decided earlier, re-exchange companies deprived of the central auction of the coin and the end of their sentences. (wow! they just told us the CBI has earlier already decided to get rid of the currency auctions and move to re-exchange companies. Didn’t we just read many articles about the all the options they proposed to do away with the currency auctions?)

The central bank decided to open a window at his headquarters in Baghdad to meet delegates and scholars requests abroad in dollars and the official price. ( so if you are a citizen of Iraq and you need US dollars to travel abroad once this is implemented you will no longer go to currency auction window at the banks but rather go to the CBI headquarters in Baghdad to obtain them).
Articles End

So what will be the new lower denominations?
The CBI has already told us the list of notes going forward that will be the final set of currency notes for Iraq once they slowly move from the “program rate currency” to the new “permanent” currency once out of chapter VII. So in the article above they are telling us the 50, 100 and 200 notes will be launched in EARLY 2017. Are these on the list?
List of 3 zero notes in now in circulation:
50, 250, 1,000, 5,000, 25,000, 10,000
List of the NEW lower denominations:
coins and paper dinar parts, including 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 fils
So we do know they pulled the 50 notes out of circulation in the past. Why? Because they were of absolutely no use back then when they are worth less than .0005 of a penny (US dollar). So why would they now tell us they fully still intend to put the 50 back into circulation in EARLY 2017 (relaunch the notes). Are they stupid? Are they going to make the same mistake again? No- they plan to raise the value of the dinar.
But this is not the end of the story. They also told us they fully intend to launch the 100 and 250 notes. Do you see these on my list of the new denominations? So they are launching 3 of the newer denominations in EARLY 2017 not all the lower denominations as many think this will all happen at once as some kind of trigger as if we are at a horse race and they shoot the gun to begin the race. No! It is not going to work this way. Didn’t they tell us they would launch the newer denominations and replace the three zero notes over a 10 year period? I don’t know about you but to me this means a slow rollout over a period of time. They are now about to begin this process.
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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