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I bring you much news today. I know I just wrote a news letter a couple days ago. But the news is literally pouring in from Iraq and moving so fast now. It is as if they are on a mission to meet a deadline of early January of something like that.

It is all exactly what we want and should expect at this time and shows us that Iraq definitely is about to move forward with their “economic explosion” (Abadi’s words not mine) in EARLY 2017. We know they can not do this without some real value placed on their currency. In other words they must delete the zeros and revalue it.   
Lots in the news all of a sudden about the Kuwait and Iraq relationship. Why now? Why all this brotherly love between these two countries?

Well we know by the press statement a few days ago that the only remaining item for Iraq, to get fully out of the 2003 sanctions, was to pay the war reparations owed to Kuwait. The amount is really insignificant to Kuwait in large scheme of things. I will tell you why.
All this recent news on this topic was very revealing since it not only told us what remained to everyone that also confirmed a couple items: 1) Iraq was not fully out of sanctions in June 2013 (maybe this is why the RV has been held up too) and 2) just how close we are to the RV.
This is something that Mnt Goat has said over and over again and no one seemed to listen to me or believe me. Go back are re-read my news letters (CLICK HERE for the Mnt Goat Category at Recaps.) It’s all there. In fact many argued and bashed Mnt Goat on this topic of still being in sanctions and that no RV could happen then. In June of 2013 everyone got excited and hyped when announcement of some of the Chapter VII UN charter sanctions were lifted. At that time Mnt Goat said to hold on and wait a second. But all the intel “gurus” when off and didn’t bother to research if any sanctions still remained. 
For me it was obvious since we just heard earlier from the CBI that the currency reform would be held off “indefinitely”. Didn’t this strike anyone as weird? Why would they hold off on currency reform if they are a sovereign country and free to do as they wish with their currency?
Oh well….this is all now in the past and so let’s just absorb this latest news and digest it.
Why is all this about Iraq and Kuwait relationship important? Because there will be no RV while Iraq is still in sanctions. To get out of sanctions “fully” (their final obstacle) they must kiss and make up with Kuwait  – it is that simple..lol…lol… Get it?
Oh- but the saga does not end here. You also should know that in past articles relationships with Iraq and Kuwait have been presented as “very good” and Kuwait is not concerned about the money Iraq owes them since instead they know in the long term will make so much more money in trade deals with Iraq. They know if they can assist Iraq in any way to regain their sovereignty then Iraq will progress onto the “international” stage that much sooner.
This is also important because if you connect the pieces- #1 the news media recently picked up and reported on the article about these reparations payments being the ONLY remaining item between Iraq getting out of or staying in sanctions; then #2 we see literally a ton of new articles on Kuwait and Iraq making trade deals, #3 we know for a FACT if Kuwait does not want to settle this owed debt with Iraq because they stand to make a ton more in trade with Iraq rather than the hassle of waiting for the reparation payments (they told us this in a past article. This is not my opinion!).
Folks I can not say just how amazing this news was in the last couple days on this topic with Kuwait. It was music to my ears when my hubby read these articles to me. We literally danced around the room in joy. Wow !
So these article sparked off a series of yet more articles on this topic. So yesterday they announced the preparatory meeting for the sixth session of the meetings with Kuwait Joint Ministerial Higher Committee is scheduled for today. What did they talk about? See article below about the meeting. So we know they held the meeting and it was successful.
Also we read articles about the trade relationship of Iraq with other neighboring countries namely Turkey, and China but mostly all about the Iranian relationship and how it has progresses since Saddam Hussien is gone.
Can it get any better?…..Read this!
Turkey ranked first in trade with Iraq , which accounts for 22 percent of the Iraqi market , followed by Iran with 13 percent and China with 12 percent, and Iran acquires a 10 to 15 percent of the Iraqi market. 

It is expected to see trade relations between the two countries ,  where economists activists say government organizations involved in the two countries are planning to deliver the volume of trade exchange between Iran and Iraq to $ 20 billion per year within 3 to 4 coming years. 
So I wanted to impress everyone that my premonition (if you want to call it that) is that the IMF and Iraq seem to be cleaning up lose ends prior to pulling the trigger once again in EARLY 2017 to begin the project once again. They are just literally days away from Jan 2017. We know that this project is important because it is this project (and nothing else anyone tells you) that in FACT will lead us to the ultimate treasures that await us currency holders….the significant increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar.
I have been spot in all along and listened to my CBI contact years ago who told me to watch and pay attention mostly to what the CBI does. The rest is also needed, such as the HCL legislation, the needed security, the Federation Council, seated ministers, and the other long awaited laws.
But these are just pre-conditions that allow the CBI to move forward. So you can chase all this nonsense about Nesara and the “New Republic” and madam Woo in China is doing. 
But I am here always to tell you what really matters most is what the CBI says and then acts upon from their announcements. Nothing will move ahead without the CBI.
Articles Begin
Reuters: Iraqi PM says three months needed to eliminate Islamic State
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday it would take three months to eliminate Islamic State, as U.S.-backed forces battle to dislodge the militants from their city stronghold of Mosul. 
Abadi previously said the city would be retaken by the end of this year but commanders blame the slower pace on the need to protect civilians who have mostly stayed in their homes rather than fleeing as was expected.
"Conditions indicate that Iraq needs three months to eliminate Daesh (Islamic State)," state TV quoted Abadi as saying.  
More than two months into the operation, elite Iraqi soldiers have retaken a quarter of Mosul, but entered a planned "operational refit" this month. (so how can they be telling us now they need 3 more months if the operations were already completes, as some of these so called idiotic intel gurus have been telling you. Here is the proof the operations are not over and will take another 3 more months. Does the project to delete the zeros also get postponed? Yes- I firmly believe it will be move out into mid 2017. This is only my assessment. Sorry for the bad news! But the reality is we wait and see what actually happens. Remember these are their words not mine….)
No Hype, No Rumors just the FACTS!
A U.S. battlefield commander told Reuters on Monday Iraqi forces would resume their offensive in the coming days, in a new phase of the operation that will see American troops deployed closer to the front line inside the city.

Mosul, the largest city held by Islamic State anywhere across the once-vast territory it controlled in Iraq and neighboring Syria, has been held by the group since its fighters drove the U.S.-trained army out in June 2014.
Its fall would probably end Islamic State's ambition to rule over millions of people in a self-styled caliphate, but the fighters could still mount a more traditional insurgency in Iraq, and plot or inspire attacks on the West.

Call to Action foreign exchange law
BAGHDAD / Mustafa al-Hashemi
He called economic academic Dr. Essam Mahouelle to the restoration of the foreign exchange law as a substitute for auction currency and increased at the same time economic tasks on the bank 
Attracting investment and between Mahouelle in an interview for the "morning" the need to cancel the auction sale of the dollar "single window" as opening the door to leave Iraqi funds abroad without providing a great service to the productive sectors of the economy Ktfiel or attract investments that achieve  development. 
The central bank has been taken years ago, and within a summary of the bank 's policy tools, work tools "efficient and effective" on the cash market (cash basis), including the organization of currency auctions and foreign which buys or sells Central dollar or to the market in the light of the objectives  of the political. Budget support and pointed out that the stock of the dollar , which the central bank comes from the sale of oil to support the balance sheet at the Ministry of Finance may be affected if it lost what remained of the Iraqi economy is going this  pace. 
He pointed to the need for economic control over the activation of imports, along with checks to be imported with the real prices of prices of materials in order to maintain public money wastage
The balance of payments and stressed that the central bank is responsible for the moderation of the national balance of payments and the safety of dollar reserves inventory, pointing to the need to download the traders responsible for authentication and not  banks. 
Formation of a committee and the importance of forming a committee of the central bank 's financial, trade and industry and interior ministries for the purpose of monitoring the quality of goods to be imported and their prices  and the statement of the need to import them or not in order to preserve cash and reduce wasted material  luxury. 
Customs ' responsibility and prior to the conversion process Mahouelle stressed the need for the merchant to prove the entry of goods imported into Iraqi territory from government outlets, noting that this process is not the responsibility of the bank to rely on, but the responsibility  of the customs. (now just think about this..would they not need this law (process) if they were getting rid of the currency auctions and paying debts with their own currency or currency of other nations besides the US dollar, as when in sanctions. This article makes total sense to me)
Iraq Oil Minister meets with ExxonMobil Boss
By John Lee.
Iraqi oil minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi [Allibi] met with ExxonMobil senior executive Brad Corson, to discuss development of the Iraqi oil industry.

Mr. Allibi said that the ministry of oil is aiming to develop relations with Exxon Mobilto develop the oil and gas sector in Iraq.
Mr. Corson said that his company is aiming to open new horizons of work with the ministry of oil to develop the work and go forward to achieve the desired goals.
Exxon’s CEO, Rex Tillerson, is to join the incoming Trump administration as Secretary of State. (this is very good news for Iraq)
Preparatory meeting of the Iraqi Committee of the Kuwaiti and new information on the missing
Was launched in the capital Baghdad on Tuesday , the preparatory meeting for the sixth session of the meetings of the Kuwaiti - Iraqi Joint Ministerial Higher Committee scheduled on Wednesday.
And headed the Iraqi side at the meeting , and Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Omar Barzanji while headed the Kuwaiti side by Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Suleiman neighbor Allah , who arrived in Baghdad Day - with the participation of a number of officials of both countries , including Kuwait 's foreign minister assistant of the Arab homeland Aziz Daihani assistant Kuwaiti Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Sami Abdul dear. 

He Alborznge at the beginning of the meeting thanked Iraq for the support of Kuwait in the humanitarian sphere and in extinguishing oil wells file as well as its agreement to postpone the fulfillment amount of compensation from Iraq , stressing that the Iraqi people will not forget to stop him in these circumstances. " 

He pointed Alborznge that" the army Iraq is now making significant gains in the war against terrorism and freeing the city of Mosul is near as liberated by the cities of Anbar, Tikrit. " 

Turn Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, the Ministry said that the meetings of the Higher ministerial Committee between the two countries have great interest in Kuwait and the highest levels , revealing that he received instructions from the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al - Ahmad Al - Jaber Al - Sabah to pursue its work and achieve concrete steps that support the relations between the two countries. 

He said Al - Jarallah said Kuwait relied heavily on the work of this committee they constitute a solid foundation to build a lofty relations quality between the two countries, especially when it address all the details that concern the two countries. 

He that Kuwait is proud of its support for Iraq and proud of it , saying , "when we provide the support you but we offer to Kuwait because the stability of Iraq is the stability of Kuwait and prosperity to flourish , and because of our relationship fateful and therefore we Covenant staying our support to our fellow Iraqis."

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Kuwait received new information from the Iraqi side on missing Kuwaitis file , expressing confidence that Baghdad pay "great attention to the resolution of this humanitarian issue is painful."

The neighbor said he heard from God and Undersecretary of State said there was "new witnesses and new accounts related to the file of missing Kuwaitis."

Jarallah did not disclose the nature of that information , however , he stressed that this matter "gives reason for hope in the hearts of Kuwaitis and represents a light at the end of the tunnel."

"We are counting on the Iraqi side and invite him to address this humanitarian issue purely and suffered bitterly Kuwaiti citizen."

Kuwaiti diplomat : "I am confident and said that you realize the size of this suffering , therefore, hope we all folding this page and this painful file".
He stressed that the two countries succeeded in closing many
of the outstanding issues , leaving only a few of them expressing confidence in the efforts of the Iraqi side in the follow - up to what is left and accomplished.

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi receives First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait

Cannon 2016

Mr. Prime Minister , Dr. Haider al - Abadi met in his office on Wednesday , First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al- Khaled Al - Hamad Al- Sabah and his accompanying delegation.

During the meeting , they discussed enhancing bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries in all fields and efforts to fight terrorism and his ideas as well as the battle to liberate Mosul and developments in the region.

He said Sheikh Sabah Al- Khaled Al - Sabah his country 's full support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and praised the role of Dr. Abadi in the leadership of Iraq to fight terrorism and strengthen bilateral relations , stressing the blessing of His Highness the Emir of Kuwait to the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces in Mosul and other areas.

He noted that Kuwait is pushing for rallying the international effort to support Iraq because we believe that all countries exposed to the risk of terrorism , it is our duty to stand with Iraq to its important role in the region and the fight against terrorism.

(so why all this brotherly LOVE all of a sudden? We know why…don’t we. I hope you understood what this means)

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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