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December 25, 2016 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today and of best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!  
I had a small break now between the girls opening their gifts and friends coming to celebrate the holiday with our family later on. The news was just so good I could not resist letting you know about it. So here it is.

NO rumors, NO Hype, just the FACTS and the facts will lead to the RV not any nonsense!

We have a brand new year coming soon and so let’s make it a good year. If the RV does not happen. as we are anticipating for EARLY 2017, then let’s all promise ourselves we will at least make an attempt to find the FACTS and the TRUTH as to why it has not yet happened. This is my news year wish for everyone! Can we at least try?

So today I wanted to give you an update since the news is all very good and there is so much of it coming out of Iraq. First let me start with the update on the fight to retake Mosul. So as usual Mnt Goat is correct once again and the fight for Mosul is NOT yet over but they are making great progress and moving into the 2nd (and last phase) of operations. So many told you this event was over. Really?

I quote – “A recent meeting put the finishing touches on a military plan to launch the second phase of the military operation taking place east of Mosul, and will aim to reach the Tigris River.” Does this sound like Mosul battles are all completed?

The commander of the second operation in the fight against terrorism a team Maan al-Saadi said the meeting aimed at assessing the previous stage of operation, in order to launch the next phase of the restoration of the rest of the neighborhoods east of Mosul. The commander of Nineveh operations , Major General Najim al - Jubouri hadon Thursday announced that the defense and interior ministries had sent reinforcements , including specialized teams in dealing with improvised explosive devices and explosive barrels and booby - trapped houses, and heavy weapons and medium quality and armored vehicles and vans to detect improvised explosive devices. He added that his troops in the fighting all axes rearranged their leaves, and completed its preparations for the start of the second phase of the restoration of Mosul operations, said it will launch on this stage name "shock."

I also bring you a couple of WOW! articles today as the good news just keeps moving along.

Remember only 1 week remaining in December and the CBI has NOT yet postponed the project to delete the zeros. This by itself is good news. Will they postpone it again? We wait and watch in anticipation. We certainly hope not.

As usual my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin
Parliamentary Economy: the closure of a number of banking offices that deal of money laundering
Committee economy parliamentary and investment, on Friday, the closure of a number of banking offices that deal laundering and the smuggling of money in Baghdad and the provinces, noting that the central bank has taken a number of measures that could put an end to corruption in the private banks .

Said committee member Najiba Najib in an interview / Baghdadi News / "The central bank has conducted a broad assessment of the banking offices, banks, civil started by suspicions of corruption, and has taken measures to shut down and stop dealing with a number of banking accused of offices laundering and the smuggling of money," pointing out that "there agreements have been signed with the US side to the introduction of modern equipment monitors the state of the paper out of the central bank in the auction process or the other. "

She added, "The central bank measures could contribute to the reduction of corruption in Iraq," indicating that "any case in which corruption would be transferred to the parliament and the Integrity Commission for investigation"
Learn 3-Iraqi banks, which are among the largest 100 Arab
Scales News - Follow-up
Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks and Sam Fattouh announced, on Friday, for the selection of three banks in Iraq among the 100 largest bank in the Arab countries(folks this is another WOW! article. Think about this announcement and what it will mean for attracting investors coming into Iraq)
He said Fattouh, said in a statement, and seen by / balances News /, that "the General Secretariat of the Union, and according to issued by the Union analytical study, and on the basis of Arab Banks, data, and included the top 100 Arab banks according to the assets shown for the end of the third quarter of 2016, to those banks manage pooled assets estimated at $ 2.93 trillion, or about 90% of the total Arab banking sector assets. "
The statement pointed out, that "there are 21 Islamic banks in the list of the top 100 Arab banks, manages assets estimated at $ 486 billion, and despite the continuing unrest and political and economic pressures in all of Iraq, Libya, and Egypt, are still a number of banks occupy the top positions in the list the top 100 Arab banks(this last paragraph says it all….)
Sunday: the importance of e-cash and its effect on increasing the money supply within the banking system
Twilight News / Rafidain Bank stressed on Sunday the importance of e-cash and its effect on increasing the money supply within the banking system, noting that it contributes to the creation of deposits out of bank records and helps to monitor and control the movement of these deposits.
(So I told you in the past the e-dinar has many important reasons for its implementation. They have wanted to implement this many years ago. Remember the Beta test and so now they went before parliament and go it approved to roll out to all provinces and are doing so. Simply put this is their solution to lack of liquidity in the banks. But, as they state, it does not stop there since there are audit traits to fight and catch corruption. Also what many don’t realize is we are seeing the process of the project to delete the zeros being implemented right in front of our noses. Do you see the connection between this e-dinar and deleting the zeros? If you are not paying the salaries, pensions and other gov’t programs in cash then the CBI is not infusing the 3 zero notes back into circulation. Also the merchants, now hooked up to swipe their debit cards, eliminate cash dinars taken to the currency auctions. Instead they electronically use the e-dinar system to get dollars to pay for their imports. A complete audit trail. )
The general manager of the bank Khawla student Jabbar said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, the electronic system that helps eliminate corruption and fraud and speed up the collection and payment and provision of services have the consent of the citizens and increase the level of culture among the community.
The media and called for support to the banking business in Iraq and not to discredit the banks because that will shake the trust between the public and the banks.
Jabbar and stressed the need to leave work instruments system before issuing the e-dinar with the emphasis on raising public awareness of electronic payment systems.
Iraq confirms the importance of electronic money and its impact on the increase in the money supply within the banking syst
Foreign announce the completion of one of Iraq's two commitments to exit from Chapter VII  
Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
Announced the Foreign Ministry on Sunday for Iraq to complete two commitments for the decision to exit from Chapter VII, indicating that the remaining commitment respect to compensation Kuwait. (this is one of those WOW! articles and it proves much of what I have been telling everyone all along. So now listen to them as these are their words not mine.
So all you so called intel “gurus” how can Iraq possibily RV everyday / any day while they are still in chapter VII sanctions? How can the RV be “imminent” I don’t know you tell me. Am I missing something?) 

He said the ministry's spokesman Ahmad Jamal in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, " the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs led the six rounds of important negotiations with the General Secretariat of the United Nations and the views of contracting with them in New York and Paris in order to implement one of the requirements of Security Council Resolution No. 1958 of 2010 and private exit Iraq from Chapter VII belongings after his commitment to end the oil - for - food and medicine program. "

Jamal added that " the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations , Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim headed Iraq 's negotiating team which formed recently from consultants and experts from the State General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Justice and Ministry , " adding that "efforts culminated in an agreement whereby the resolution of financial issues Foreign concerning the oil - for - food and medicine and the restoration of Iraq for an amount approximate value of US $ 145 million a file. "

He continued , "that Iraq has fulfilled its commitment before the final decision regarding his release from under Chapter VII, as it was left only has complete compensation with neighboring Kuwait file." (they are telling us the only commitment that was remaining is to pay Kuwait for war reparations. We know they agreed to do this once the revalue their currency as they would pay them with increased value of their currency once the rate increase. So whats going on here…hint,,,,hint…hint…).

The UN Security Council voted unanimously in (June 27, 2013), Resolution No. 2107 , which Iraq emerges in part from the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and the termination of the United Nations Special Coordinator task responsible for my Kuwaiti missing persons and property.
(oh now wait just a second…..hasn’t all these so called intel “gurus” been telling you all along Iraq was out of chapter VII and completed sovereign nation? This would mean they would have to be out of the oil or food and medicine provisions too. Then why did we keep hearing about ration cards? Why did we keep seeing article after article about Kuwait being pissed off about the delay in the currency reforms?
Why? I will tell you why! - What has Mnt Goat been saying all along? Read my lips and I quote from many of my past news letters – “Iraq is not yet a fully sovereign country since it still does not have a currency and must pay war reparations”. I hate to keep saying I told you so but here it goes again – “I told you so!)  
(Folks this article is so very important because they are telling straight out that Iraq is about to move to another level. Finally they told us what is left to do for lifting ALL sanctions.)
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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