Sunday, December 11, 2016


Martha's Time Frame for 12/10 to 12/19

Entry Submitted by Martha  To Dinar Chronicles

 8:23 PM EST on December 11, 2016

12/10 is a new beginning. I received confirmation that the bonds were released in at least Hong Kong and went liquid immediately. We know of several people who had funds on their Black Cards.
12/11, the master number 11 that adds up to 12 maybe the release date of the 800 numbers.
* as of 12 noon today it is 12 midnight in China*

12/12 is truly a magical set of numbers:

All bonds and currencies are liquid.

The start of Christine Lagarde's trial.

The visible start of the Super full moon.

12/13 the UN operational rates should change for 12/15 
​The Super full moon peaks at 7:05 pm EDT. The moon is a sign of completion of a cycle and the start of another

12/15 is the last day of work before Congress leaves for Xmas break

12/19 is the start of the Winter Solstice but also the Electoral College takes it's vote
Yosef actually eluded to this date in his last post

Now the sequence of event (hint,hint) will start to fall into place till January 6,2017.

January 20th is Inauguration day and also my birthday. Every year, due to timing, I usher in the Age of Aquarius !

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