Sunday, December 4, 2016


JAY:  Soooo...let me get this straight. ALL IMO BTW,,, We see 3 or 4 articles prior to the vote today that say all is good and both sides agree (YET AGAIN) and there are no issues. Just like the last 3 times in the past week or so.

Not to mention 6 months ago the Kurds were all happy about their portion of the budget.
The you got that BALD HEADED GUY, (al-Jubouri?)  YET AGAIN saying nothing will stop a yes vote today. 

Boy he must feel like one of many so called GURUS who say...its this weekend......Look at this way BALD GUY, EVENTUALLY YOU, LIKE THEM WILL BE RIGHT AND YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE UN-EARNED GLORY YOU THINK YOU DESERVE... We know who the MAN IS...aint that right Frankie ...

Any wDay. They voted at or around 6:15 pm their time and this article saying its not done popped out 15min to 30 min after the stated time of the voting session...??? How in the heck can almost 200 Ministers vote on  the budget ANNNNND vote it down within 1/2 hr... Not to mention vote it down when ((("""NOTHING SHOULD STOP A YES VOTE"""))) as per the BIG BALD GUY...

I guess they think we are all stupid, just like some of those gurus who take all the articles as GOSPEL because HUMANS are incapable of lying and news media ALWAYS tells the TRUTH... S.T.U.P.I.D. G.U.R.U.S of which in particular happen to live on a mountain of huge amounts of goats.

Well..IMO family this  budget is done. It's the only sensible explanation IMO. T.I.M.E ... W.E.L.L. F.R.A.M.E.D. They are just not ready to show us yet.

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