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Porter:  Dear Mr. F26,  In this CC you stated "Do we need Mosul for the RV? You said "No"                                    
According to my notes from the past I remember you stating, "Once we have Mosul you will see the RV"     Clarification please.

Frank26:  Which are two separate thoughts .

One does not need Mosul for the MR but once you have Mosul you will have the MR .......understand ?  

Walkingstick:  Following the postponement of approval Thursday .. Today the House of Representatives seeks to vote on the budget bill  


Walkingstick:  The central bank in the process of raising the price of the Iraqi dinar 
5:16:23 02/12/2016
The central bank predicted that there would be positive effects of the agreement to cut oil .production "OPEC" on the Iraqi dinar exchange rate
BAGHDAD / obelisk A member of the administrative board of the Central Bank of Iraq, Majid picture, on Friday, said the bank aims to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar in the domestic market during the coming period in coordination with the government and private banks, pointing out that there is significant cooperation between the central bank and civil government, banks, on the sale of hard .currency, and within a short period it will be reduced dollar against the Iraqi dinar Suri said,

 "The CBI identified in an earlier exchange rate as 1200 Iraqi dinars per dollar, and now ".we aim to maintain the exchange rate to the borders of 1210 or 1220 dinars to the dollar Suri added that "there is significant cooperation between the central bank and the civil government and the banks, on the sale of hard currency, and within a short period will be reduced dollar against ".the Iraqi dinar Although the Central Bank of Iraq announced earlier this year to install dollar against the Iraqi dinar rate of 1200 dinars to the dollar, and obliged all banks and banking companies to sell according to .the new price, but that did not happen CBI did not announce steps to maintain the local currency, against the dollar,

but that one of the important steps followed by the central banks, is to provide foreign exchange in the domestic .market to maintain its currency Suri predicted that "there are positive effects of the agreement to cut oil production" OPEC "on the ".Iraqi dinar exchange rate He pointed out that "the Iraqi revenues in hard currency may increase, and this will have a ".significant role in increasing the supply of currency in the local market

And it recorded the Iraqi dinar exchange rates, on Friday, a decline against the dollar in trading .stocks Iraqi Finance banking by 1320 dinars to the dollar According to the schedule of financial exchange in Iraq (a private sector financial institution), the selling price of the Iraqi dinar per day amounted to 1320 dinars to the dollar, down from the official .rate of exchange at the Central Bank of Iraq by 120 dinars to the dollar During the last period kept the Iraqi dinar exchange rate to a rate of 1290 dinars to the dollar, while .taking a gradual decline in nearly two weeks against the dollar, with the private sector



Walkingstick:  Financing the budget deficit by about a trillion and 500 billion dinars

Through auctions of treasury transfers

BAGHDAD / morning the

central bank regulates the atheist and the twentieth of this month a public auction for the sale of treasury transfers for the annual 364 days emissivity of $ 300 billion dinars within the domestic borrowing plan for the current year.

 A source in the bank's "morning" that this auction will be the last of its kind this year in the plan announced by the Ministry of Finance included the establishment of 11 theauction of treasury transfers. The central bank, as a financial agent of the ministry manages Auctions remittances based on the Public Debt Act, which authorized the Ministry of Finance issued treasury remittances are guaranteed by the government for the purposes of government funding to fill part of the temporary deficit in the general budget for Iraq.

And participate in the auction a number of government agencies as a circle of beneficiary care of minors , and a network of social welfare as well as the Department of pension, as well as a number of private banks.

According to statistical approximations "morning" have been sold in the amount ofremittances is approaching one trillion and 500 billion dinars since the first auction was held in February of this year until the auction last month.

The borrowing plan for the issuance of treasury transfers through auctions for the current year will be put up $ 5 trillion dinars to sell to the government party and the other beneficiaries in the same context , the central bank announced the results of an auction of treasury transfers to the annual order (364 days) , which was held on the third of the month ofNovember last .

According to a statement of the bank that the auction saw the sale of 115 billion and 500 million dinars from Asdarih amount of 300 billion dinars to two banks participated in theauction and won the offers Kdmanha.

We were sold remittances highest price cut of competitive auctions of 5 percent and anaverage yield of 4.78 percent.

In the same vein he said economic researcher Firas Amer said the investor, particularly in the financial market and the bond market is always looking for a way that enables it tomaximize the total return of the portfolio is expected in light of the degree of risk that isbelieved to be suitable.

The investment in the bonds of the types of investments zero - risk high interest rates at the same time.

Amer said in an interview for the "morning" means the risks are the possibility ofachieving lower - than - expected return greater the likelihood of achieving a low return or (loss) was a high degree of risk and vice versa.

He said the degree of risk varies from investment to another , there are risk - free financial investments such as government bonds compared to the total investment in the shares of new companies or specialized operations volatile so great as the risk rises to a large degree.


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