Thursday, December 29, 2016


AlGrossman:  Brent oil is @ 57.15!!

SlappySquirrel:   Up up up...and away to 60.. Imo we went through our week of 55-57 already!! How many have noticed this? Hmmmm.... 
Frank26:  We did.

SirenFire:  Does anyone know when the UN operational rates are posted today? I keep looking on their website and I don't see anything updated. Since they decided not to update on the 15th their should be IMO and HOPING to see some really great changes today to be in effect for the 31st of December when they would be active... If anyone knows when we might see an update please post.

The web address I have been using is:

Frank26:  As we SHARED on CC last night ............... Even if they are there.............. We will not see them for a day or two or into the beginning of January due to the holidays

Walkingstick:  The need to accelerate the application of cash electronic system

Raed al ­ Hashemi


researcher and economist coins electronic or dinar ­ mail is a system software integrated operating under the umbrella of rules and laws, which must be available by the confidentiality of the full to ensure and protect the confidentiality and privacy of their users secure, and that the expansion of the application of this system significantly help in many other things, contribute to increasing the money supply within the banking system and the creation of deposits out of bank records and help to the possibility of follow ­ up and monitor the movement of these deposits and enables the elimination of corruption and financial fraud and contribute to speed up the collection and payment , and provide good and convenient services to customers who use this technique works to increase the level of culture among the community and reduce the red tape and dramatically shorten the time wasted in reviewing the customer of the bank during the process of the withdrawal of funds or deposit and provide state of security against .theft and robbery cases

Of the most important means of this system is a prepaid card and credit card and the dinar on where the issuing banking institution such as the central bank or a government banks or civil whereby a customer to deposit certain amount of money or converts his monthly salary
in a particular banking institution and then we can have all of his dealings procedure financial , such as the sale and purchase and the payment of premiums and other under this e ­ card which will be deducted the amount electronically from the bank account, also enables the e ­ card holder to purchase on credit at the disposal of the source and borrowing and other special services, and there are international standards must be met in this e ­ card most importantly they contain PIN number protects the stored information and a special number distinguishes it from the others and can be encrypted and should the court be against tampering and manipulation and also can update their own information without the switch and the possibility of processing information which is not stored and can also contact which .
with computers through devices called Balgariat

This banking technology has been applied in most countries of the world and proven dramatically we note that the citizens in these countries does not carry money with him , and .only carry the e ­ card and used in all financial dealings even simple ones Our country , including going through the abnormal conditions as a result of the security conditions and the challenges of terrorism and the lack of security and the spread of corruption in most state institutions urgently need to apply this technique in its banks because of the many features that give citizens a lot of security in the financial dealings and provide him with the time and effort in reviewing the banks, and perhaps currently it is appropriate to adopt this technology , especially that sounds louder than everyone on the need to reform the Iraqi , whether governmental banking system or civil , which is currently undergoing suffered their worst its got the case to a loss of trust between the customer and the bank as a result of big corruption cases and the prevalence of money laundering and the lack of credibility in handling of by banks with their customers,

and to ensure the success of the application of this system the correct form must provide the infrastructure sound and put studied the application of scientific mechanisms and install the legislative legal structure governing the banking services to all its details must CBI takes real role and strictly monitor the application,

implementation , and monitoring the performance of banks operations civil and deal firmly with cases of corruption and financial irregularities and zero tolerance entertained, as well as there is an urgent need to do extensive media campaign and under deliberate scientific plan involving the visual media and the print and audio as well as by institutions and government departments to educate citizens and convince him using this advanced system and to try to attract as much as possible of users to provide a cluster of .large cash contribution in moving the economic recession prevailing in the market



FrostyTheSnowman:  Just got a call from Frank.

Good news continues to FLOW in on an minute-by-minute basis.
For those family members who are "VISUAL" learners ... here's the latest updates to our studies!

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