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MilitiaMan:  The IMF moved the meeting up to the 12/05/26 two days from the 12/07/2016. For a reason, timing?  Doesn't it all pertain to an executionary time frame? They tell a story in effect as quietly as possible. If our study.. If our study is spot on.. We should be able to think that in fact that the 2017 budget, the UN lifting full full full chapter seven sanctions, the World Bank tells us Iraq is the richest on the face of the earth,  then we see KW (Kuwait paid) UN Sanctions lifted and then raising the rate is the last Boorah (no program rate for contracts, etc.) ? TA frkn DA? 

Frank26:  Not sure if you are asking me or WS but I'll tell you this much .............  The IMF and the UN are making sure that all issues on oil are being dealt with right now  before the end of 2016 and in my opinion for the budget on December 31 that also requires a new rate not to function but to be logical in its mathematical calculations.
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Sirenfire:   I didn't see anything on the thread when does Iraq meet with Kuwait to address the last issue of the UN to release the rate?

Firefly:  This coming Wednesday is the meeting !

Samson:  Iraq completes one UN VII Chapter commitment, ministry

25th December, 2016

Iraqi foreign ministry announced completing one of the two remaining commitments to "be out of the UN Security Chapter VII".

In a statement, it added that the only remaining condition is connected on the Kuwaiti compensations.

Spokesman of the ministry Ahmed Jamal pointed out that the ministry held six important negotiation rounds with the UN General Assembly in New York and Paris to implement the UN Security Council's resolution No. 1958 of 2010 to complete all the affairs connected with Oil Program vs Food and Medicine.

"Iraq was able to restore about 145 million dollars", he added.

"Only the Kuwaiti compensations' issue is left between the two sides", the spokesman elaborated.

On 27 June, 2013, the UN Security Council voted the 2017 resolution that "partially" helped Iraq to be out of the stipulations of Chapter VII, ending the questions of lost Kuwaiti people and properties.


Frank26:  HOT!!! !!! !!!

Walkingstick:  Call to Action foreign exchange law

BAGHDAD / Mustafa al-Hashemi

He called economic academic Dr. Essam Mahouelle to the restoration of the foreign exchange law as a substitute for auction currency and increased at the same time economic tasks on the bank 

Central. Attracting investment and between Mahouelle in an interview for the "morning" the need to cancel the auction sale of the dollar "single window" as opening the door to leave Iraqi funds abroad without providing a great service to the productive sectors of the economy Ktfiel or attract investments that achieve  development. The central bank has been taken years ago, and within a summary of the bank 's policy tools, work tools "efficient and effective" on the cash market (cash basis), including the organization of currency auctions and foreign which buys or sells Central dollar or to the market in the light of the objectives  of the political.

Budget support and pointed out that the stock of the dollar , which the central bank comes from the sale of oil to support the balance sheet at the Ministry of Finance may be affected if it lost what remained of the Iraqi economy is going this  pace. 

He pointed to the need for economic control over the activation of imports, along with checks to be imported with the real prices of prices of materials in order to maintain public money wastage. The balance of payments and stressed that the central bank is responsible for the moderation of the national balance of payments and the safety of dollar reserves inventory, pointing to the need to download the traders responsible for authentification and not  banks.

Formation of a committee and the importance of forming a committee of the central bank 's financial, trade and industry and interior ministries for the purpose of monitoring the quality of goods to be imported and their prices and Mnaciha and the statement of the need to import them or not in order to preserve cash and reduce wasted material  luxury.

Customs ' responsibility and prior to the conversion process Mahouelle stressed the need for the merchant to prove the entry of goods imported into Iraqi territory from government outlets, noting that this process is not the responsibility of the bank to rely Light , but the responsibility  of the customs.


Samson:  Rafidain Bank emphasizes the importance of e-cash

25/12/2016 - 11:11

Rafidain Bank stressed on Sunday the importance of e-cash and its effect on increasing the money supply within the banking system, noting that it contributes to the creation of deposits out of bank records and helps to monitor and control the movement of these deposits.
The general manager of the bank Khawla student Jabbar in a press statement, said the electronic system helps eliminate corruption and fraud and speed up the collection and payment and provision of services have the consent of the citizens and increase the level of culture among the community.

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