Saturday, December 17, 2016



Beas45:  Per Franks OK to share.... Here's a little from last nights Team Chat
9 line items in budget that were added unconstitutionally by ministers, only 2 may be an issue. Supreme court will rule.

Look for budget in Gazette on Sunday

Mosul on Monday

Frank26:  Granted it is the M.E. ................. Each day can be a combination of Advancement entwined in a Cocoon of Violent Arguments that can cause time to Stop and Go.

IMO ............. Their Own Resistance has become a bitter bile at the back of their Tongues.
Even an Animal does not lay in it's waste ................ Forever.

IOO ............. We STUDY and Observe A from these seconds into next week with Hope.

Be Strong .............. Then learn to become even STRONGER !!!

Benblessed1:  Frank gave us permission to share and talk about Team Chat---first time ever! His birthday will---or could be---the busiest day of his life! Budget in Gazette Sunday...So Sunday evening Abadi makes the decision...we watch Monday...Teams believe definitely 2016. Backdoc reminds us the higher (In his opinion) digital rate will likely come forth March 2017. This is all Teams OPINION...and Frank's...for me their "opinion" sorta assures us what is happening and has happened!

Eli15:  Ok so let me see if Im understanding this correctly.......In Backdoc's opinion the rate will go higher when it starts digital in march 2017?   This is why Frank says that it's wise to wait 3 months before cashing in the bulk amount of our funds.

Once again Thank You for all that you have shared. It's so much appreciated.


Nadita:   --For those who are curious about Citi Banks.. you can call 800-756-7050 and follow the prompting.  You can hear a message saying they sell IQD right now at the rate : buy rate is 0.0006452 (meaning Citi Bank buys your dinar) and sell rate (meaning Citi Bank sells dinar to you) is 0.009822. 

The rates have not increased yet   it's still same rate as you buy IQD from dealers or Frank.. the fact that Citi Bank has announced in their forex telephone line that they are selling dinar is a very good sign for all of us as banks have not sold and denied IQD for a few years

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