Saturday, December 17, 2016



Notthe1:  After tonight's Team Chat, Mondays cc may be the last. A will have a minor small statement, maybe.  

SteelyJan:  WHAT!?!?!? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

BenBlessed1:  Sorry- nobody seems to be posting--suspect we are all in shock....in an awesome kinda way!Frank gave us permission to share and talk about Team Chat---first time ever! His birthday will---or could be---the busiest day of his life (Dec. 20th)  !

So Sunday evening Abadi makes the decision...we watch Monday...Teams believe definitely 2016.

Backdoc reminds us the higher (In his opinion) digital rate will likely come forth March 2017. This is all Teams OPINION...and Frank's...for me their "opinion" sorta assures us what is happening and has happened!

Admins- please remove ASAP if this is too much information sharing!

Shalom Loved Ones!


NeeCee66:  Team Chat....AMAZING! 

I'll share this tid bit...of not ok admins can remove..
Loved this part.....like we said Sunday Frank/ your idea of two weeks Frank or not even close. Just stay with Sunday.  At that moment is when I slap fell out of my chair.

Thank you Frank, Jan, Delta, Teams and everone that makes this forum go round! We are very blessed here at KTF ALWAYS!! 


Don961:  European Observatory: the wave of snow hit Iraq and temperatures "five below zero."
Follow - up -arac Press December -16: Expect the European Observatory of meteorological, polar low occurrence of very strong upper layers of air from Siberia to Russia are stationed in Iraq ,causing the fall of snow in the whole of Iraq.   The observatory said in a statement yesterday that "low polar very strong upper layers of air coming from Siberia , Russia will be stationed in Iraq and spread down to the northern and central Arabian Gulf lines."
He added, " The initial forecast refers to the fall of snow on all parts of Iraq, either in the north of the State of Kuwait surmised Observatory heavy frost and the possibility of the fall of light snow Baelaidla near the Iraqi border."  

He predicted the observatory "temperatures drop to five degrees below zero in the provinces of Baghdad, Karbala, Najaf and unexpected polarity wave be ice on the roofs of houses and cars, as well as prospects for the descent of snowflakes for the first time there and low temperatures at night and in the morning to six degrees below zero."  

The statement said, "This low - Siberian polar blue stationed firmly on Iraq, Iran and the Levant The low area of about 100,000 kilometers as it moves to the south of the Gulf and will Veolh to West Indian subcontinent."   The air forecaster Iraqi Sadik Attiya predicted last Wednesday on its position in the social networking that "witnessing Baghdad and the provinces the middle of next week cold spell severe lead to low visibility in some areas , " warning "citizens to take precautions from now, especially respiratory patients and allergies, children and the elderly ".   He added , "We call on Iraqi farmers in cities across the country from the cold wave that is sweeping Iraq from mid - next week , " .anthy (1)


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