Thursday, December 29, 2016

KTFA: Recap/Excerpt from Wed. Night CC, 29 DEC

Recap/Excerpt from Wed. Night CC:

Frank26   I strongly feel that the mission to do this...add value to their currency is happening in amazing strides...leaps... miraculous agreements. 

Finally we are seeing what we wanted to see.  ...the prime and foreign ministers of Kuwait and Iraq met...BIG SMILES...  What did they discuss? 

A “new era of mutual understanding...signed 4 strategic agreement(s) with Iraq with committee representatives. Will play a major role of Iraq exiting Chapter VII.”  They are working out their issues.

They are NOW inside of Article VIII. 
We told you on Monday...there was one issue...we were looking for the budget on the 31st...and that oil would need to see a certain number...in order to get to a rate. 
We were looking between 55, 56, and 57 dollars.  It has now hit 56.65...  Now...it’s maintaining itself...This is the FUEL for the 2017 budget.   I think we are going to have a budget on December the 31st. 

They have never had a budget...this is extremely historical.  The budget is executable with a program rate...but the budget must be funded.  

IMO – the BUDGET is FULLY FUNDED...  IF it stays at a program rate...it is NOT fully funded. 

They need to apply this oil price to their budget and ACTIVATE it.  If not, they have wasted 2016.  There is no DATE or RATE ...the rate is solid NOW ...well calculated...but the DATE is a moving target.

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