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FrostyTheSnowman:   Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …
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Frank26:  Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls at KTFAlways.com

Today is a day of infamy … a day we remember Pearl Harbor.

Many of you know that I spent a lot of time in Hawaii.

I just want to pay respect and I want to salute the men and women who were involved/affected by the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  I want to thank you!

What I’m about to tell you tonight is really good.

There is a member on our forum … “Aaron” … he made a post #283 (page 15) on yesterday’s thread.
He is a very good student.  He put together a very good compilation of our cc.  I was very impressed.  That post was AWESOME!  I’m telling you … he took articles and injected his comments on those articles along with my CC notes. It was long too!  I would offer that that compilation was a great precursor to tonight’s study.

I’d like to thank Frosty for the calendar … hopefully you can do that every day and hopefully on page 1.  Both Frosty and Aaron are our brothers in Christ.

I’m going to do my best to be done in one hour.

Every CC … all glory to our Heavenly Father … is exploding in numbers of people joining us!

Somebody called me … yesterday … they said … “are you sure that the IMF is demanding that Iraq raise the value of their currency, in order for them to get the 2nd loan?”  I said “yes.”

I believe they are about ready to get their loan … which means they are about ready to raise the value … IMO.


Would you like to see the proof that the IMF demanded?

Here’s what you do … on NEW THREAD … called FINAL ARTICLES … scroll down to ARTICLE 10 … look for “FactBox: on the IMF loan to Iraq”
Now scroll towards the middle of that article.  Do you see where it says … the word CONTINGENT … oh … you mean there is a hook?  Yes.
In order to get the 634 Million Dollar loan … the funds are CONTINGENT … to the reform of Iraq’s financial policies.

What are those?  To raise the value of their currency.

What else?

They must remove the RESTRICTIONS of the CURRENCY EXCHANGE.

“… it will SIGNAL that the currency can be freely exchanged …”

This is impressive!!!

Did you see an article today that said they were going to give them the 2nd loan?

We have some great newshounds … don’t we?!!!

The program rate is a restriction.

Family … it is CONTINGENT … this loan … for the IMF … to see that the MR has to improve and there is so much evidence all over the place.

This is amazing!

There was a conference in Lebanon … a little while ago … Allak attended it … and a press conference was held … and he stated that stopping the auctions could really hurt Iraq … that they needed the auctions … but the only way to stop the auctions would be to raise the value of their currency … that would solve things.

Mr. Allak … what about Lebanon and Jordan?  Can we compare the auctions of those countries with Iraq?

Allak said … Lebanon and their auctions … is they FLOAT their rate.

Yes we know … and we know you have intentions of doing that too.

But … Allak’s been thinking … doing a FLOAT … the price would be all over the place … so maybe not like Lebanon … it would confuse our citizens … we may not FLOAT our currency.

Really, Mr. Allak?

What Allak wants is what the IMF wants.

What is that?

They want to (Arabic sound -- Ta-Ha-Um-Oh-La) … meaning the freedom of their currency … freedom of capital.  Not sure if they want to float.

In other words … they might come out with a FIXED RATE.

Basically … they are in the process of revaluing their currency … just trying to figure out what to do.

Mr. Allak … are you going to also fix your “dog” … oh you’re funny … no, we’re not going to fix our dogs … we’re going to fix our currency.  Fixed or float … it’s what the IMF told us to do.

Why would you fix your currency … and not float your currency?

Because those countries that float … if you floated the IQD … it might not go up … we don’t want the float to fluctuate too much … maybe the official rate has to be FIXED … for stability.

Is 1 to 1 a fixed rate?  Humm.

Exports would call the fluctuation of a free float.

Iraq exports more than just oil.

Imports would also benefit by a stable rate.

Iraq’s situation is TOTALLY DIFFERENT … including Iran’s.

Iraq’s exchange rate is at the start of a road … where Lebanon and Jordan are already on the road.

Too much of a change would confuse the citizen.

Iraq’s history … are you seat belts on?


No other middle-east country has every floated their currency.  NO BODY!!!!!

Because they are all pegged to the USD at 1 to 1.

Interesting isn’t it.

Kuwait is a little different … because the IMF treats them as such.

They are pegged with a “secret basket” – Kuwait wants to be confidential with their MR … due to what Saddam did to them.

On this same concept … anyone want to talk about Iran?
They came out with an article that said they were going to REVALUE their CURRENCY.

Um …. See Post 325 and 484 on yesterday’s thread.

Do NOT get too excited about this.

May I suggest that the articles … you need to check the source … like WalkingStick did.

This is actually a REVERSE-SPLIT … more than a REVALUATION.

The IRAN currency is actually changing the name of their currency … to their old history.

They were going to RV … BUT when Obama lifted their sanctions … they changed their mind.

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