Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Excerpt from Monday CC:

Frank26   The IMF worked very, very hard with Iraq to maintain their numbers, MCP and to remove their restrictions on their currency to become internationally accepted.  If banks are now selling the IQD...how long does the UST expect the American banks to hold-on to this basically worthless currency?

 Smells very strong of an RV...doesn’t it? 

To show NO RESTRICTIONS...means Article 8 have evaporated.  All they need to do is raise the value of their currency.  IMO – this year...2016.

 My new time line is the 20th to the 26th of this month.  With the budget coming out to the internationally world by December 31st...IMO – the US Treasury is very happy...hence why the IQD is being made available in the American banks. 

I see international compliance...accepted before the RV of their currency...(that’s the RI).   ...IMO...they have completed the RI!  IMO...it is the RV that is next. 

There was no announcement of these American banks with the IQD? 

Very few knew about it.  No announcements.  It just happens.  So will the RV.

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