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The Dinar world all heard the prophecy made by Kim Clement stating that there would be "nothing, nothing, nothing, then something." There has been a lit of speculation over the years what did that mean?

Recently, when the CBI came out and stated that they had tried to delete the three zeroes before in 2011,2013, and 2015, but were delayed and plan on beginning the projects the first part of 2017, I immediately thought of Kim's prophecy. Three attempts that failed, and hopefully, 2017 finally going through. I thought that overhauls the "nothings" actually was the attempts that got stopped.

Go Abadi!! Let's hope he finally gets rid of Maliki!!

Report: al-Maliki and al-Abadi conflict threatens defection Dawa Party

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 11:38

Report - al-Maliki and al-Abadi conflict threatens defection Dawa PartyBAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. Arab newspaper of London published on Tuesday, Jaee the report, that the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki lost control of the Dawa Party, the capital of the balance of power in favor of the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who succeeded in assembling a large number of leaders around the call for the removal of his rival for the party leadership.

This comes at a time when events revealed that accompanied the tour Maliki, Secretary-General of the Dawa party, in the southern provinces for expansion angry circle it on the level of Iraq as a whole and within the known support of the National Alliance provinces (Shiite) ruling.

Sources close to the Dawa Party sources said a close associate of al-Abadi wing seeks to exploit the terrible media pressure on al-Maliki in Baghdad, to put forward the idea of ​​his removal from office as Secretary-General of the party.

The sources revealed for “Arabs” about the presence of heated discussions in the corridors of the party about the leadership of the site, noting that all parties know that floated the idea of ​​replacing the Maliki will lead to a split party uncertain in light stuck to the Secretary-General to remain in office and seek notch exhibitions to be replaced and the dismissal of those around him .

The leaders of al-Abadi wing believes that the cost of retaining Maliki has become a big Jadda.oatzlh this suite numerical majority, as opposed to the majority of the quality enjoyed by al-Maliki.

Abadi Suite powered most of the young cadres in the party, while al-Maliki enjoys the support of some of the traditional leaders.

The Abadi powered Keywords family, which includes a member of the generalized Parliament on the Keywords, as well as the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords, and a group Walid al-Hilli and Tarek Najm, while al-Maliki has generalized Amer Alkfeache support and behind Samad and Faid al-Shammari, with characters other unknown, but they are governed by the financial clout large in the party.

If you got a split within the party Vstcodh leaders of the new generation that will not stand Anhqagaha when the Dawa Party, but had graduated from State of Law coalition headed by al-Maliki, who is seeking and from which to return to the prime minister.

The families are close to the scenes of the party for “Arabs” that the coming days will be resolved this controversy, the result would not be in favor of al-Maliki.

They detect a presentation to the owners through intermediaries, based on retaining led by the Dawa Party, provided abandon the policy, but it is believed to be the most difficult figure in the Iraqi equation, and that the content of the future, so I declined the offer.

According among the Dawa Party, that there are influential people within the party, it is Sheikh Abdul-Halim al-Zuhairi, still silent struggle toward the wings.

She says “the Arabs,” sources said Zuhairi was deeply embarrassed, he nominates to replace al-Abadi al-Maliki, a traditional preachers receives the blame for causing the internal crisis of the party, and many within the party believe that his position would be a touchstone in this controversy.

And across the Iraqi political observer doubts slide-Maliki of the Dawa Party leadership, especially during the take over party rule who founded al-Maliki, himself a well-established rules.

The observer told the “Arabs” that “splits in the ranks of the religious parties are rare, and are often located in secret, without the noise and may be accompanied by physical vague qualifiers.

He stressed that the bulk of the state loyal to Maliki, who does not hide his desire to return to the post of prime minister in the next election cycle.

Played down expectations observer for the overthrow of Maliki, adding that the former prime minister is still supporting his wing is striking force within the party, thanks to its financial clout and stretched within the state apparatus and the relationship of the parties to a dominant firm on the Iranian political decision on the management of Iraq.

To avoid crush it within the party, Maliki began in coordination with the militia, the popular crowd Her security and political influence in the hope that led to power again.

Before his trip to the provinces of the south, al-Maliki told leaders of the party to start dialogues with the Badr Organization and the League of the Righteous and the Brigades of Hezbollah in preparation for the formation of an electoral alliance, which he called Abadi suite decision Persian, not a decision of the party, has led the dispute to the freezing of dialogues on electoral alliance. 

​Maliki is trying to encircle the popular anger at the policies after Daesh control over large parts of the territory of Iraq.

Circles close to the Dawa Party, Maliki considered that recourse to the popular crowd aims to hunker down in the face of the campaign being waged against the Sadrist movement, which featured prominently in the protests, which met this weekend in the south.

It seeks Abadi wing to take advantage of the international and regional mood, which tends toward the moderates in Iraq, and there are those who pay in this suite explicit position, declaring the innocence of line militancy linked to Iran.

Maliki can not find any support from the Regional Ocean except Iran, and the Gulf states seem closest to the Abadi private Maliki period laid state of distrust between Baghdad and


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