Saturday, December 24, 2016

Excerpt From Thursday night Big Call, 24 DEC

Excerpt From Thursday night Big Call:

Bruce   What is going on Iraq? Sunday is the first day of the business week in the Middle East in Iraq. Sunday is going to be an important day for the banks.

For us and the rest of the world, we will have Christmas. However, Sunday in Iraq is a big day because the Lower Denominations are in the ATMs and in the banks, but they are not yet accessible.

The people don’t have them yet. The ATMs are on lockdown. They are in the banks. What has to happen for the Lower Denominations to have value?   It is called a rate.

The rate for the dinar is in the budget.  The budget has been passed, published in the Gazette, and the budget is already law. Can we see it yet? No not yet, not until the appointed time.

Will Sunday be the special day of the Lower Denominations being available? Could be.
Is it special because the rates of the Iraqi dinar will be seen visibly out and all to be celebrating and available? Quite possibly yes.

Christmas day in Iraq is late Christmas Eve for us.

Could we wake up to a special Christmas blessing? Could be.

Could we have this before?  Possibly.

Could it be right around Christmas? Could be.

Yes I think we are right where we need to be at the right time. Could it be the greatest Christmas you every had? Could be.

 Could it be post Christmas you ever had?  I think it looks really good right now.

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