Thursday, December 1, 2016

Excerpt from Dr. Clarke Wed. 11-30-16, 1 DEC

Excerpt from Dr. Clarke Wed. 11-30-16

Dr. Clarke    ...mark our words with 100% Certainty, this month of DECEMBER 2016, WILL NOT PASS, WITHOUT IRAQ substantially raising the Rate & Value of their Dinar Currency AND Officially declaring it FULLY INTERNATIONAL in status, of which, ANYONE outside the country of Iraq, will be able to TRADE OR EXCHANGE it, for Legal Tender.  

This situation with Iraq having a currency, that is only usable, tradable and qualifiable, only in the country of Iraq, at a very nominal value - IS ENDING IN THIS MONTH OF DECEMBER 2016. 

WE COULD NOT BE ANY CLEARER, OR PRECISE THAN THIS...“EXCITEMENT” should be your key word every day for the entire month of DECEMBER...

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