Saturday, December 31, 2016


Dallred123:     Ecubucs how are things looking

Pearle:  Yada, got anything good for us

Ecubucs:  I'm counting my currency to make sure my numbers are correct! Checking my Pregame List off! What does that tell you?

OneMovinMom:  ecubucs ….also I was looking forward to closing out 2016 with a really big bang. We do have several more hours left. What do you think?

Ecubucs:  Onemovinmom. I'm Quite Confident that what we are looking for is DONE! The timing of the release to us is a different story... But Iraqi are about to get an onslot of 50s 100s and 200s New Currency into theie working supply! Those Denoms at the present rate is pennies or less! What does That tell us?

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