Sunday, December 4, 2016


Ecubucs :  Iraq is supposed to be Signed Off with their 2017 Budget BY Wednesday the 7th to the IMF...

Luvwulfs :  ecubucs that meeting was moved to the 5th wasnt it

Ecubucs : Yes but the Budget MUST BE Signed OFF Per the IMF by the 7th!

RVAlready :  ...it is signed.   

Ecubucs :   Like rvalready is stating... I believe it's Already signed off as well! The delay that I've been given (as well as Ray) is that Basar is complaining that he wants more than 17% oil revenue to be given due to not being paid their back pay...   
RVAlready: I don't think they will get their loan meeting until it is done, unless they do the RV first.   
Ecubucs :  Emergency Sessions ARE going on and will continue through Sunday in Iraq!    

OKRocks : ecubucks I do not think any delay spoken of from Iraq is real... just stall tactics to fall in line with ptb timing  
Ecubucs :  okrocks, I Truly believe THAT to be the case as well but I know in this forum so many people look to Iraq and it's movement to help follow the movement on what's going on with the rest of the GCR... But I totally agree with your statement!

OKRocks :  ecubucks TY... if you see Iraq stall you know PTB timing is not yet

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