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12-9-2016   Newshound Guru FrostyTheSnowman   Years ago, I remember
1eading an article that spelled-out Iraq's plans ... where they quote >>> ... "which will have three zeros removed to revalue them.  ...IMO ... we're just about there!

12-9-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie
   Article:   "Central Bank Governor: no room to cancel the sale of the dollar window, if canceled , the exchange rate has become 3 or 4000 and maybe more"  Quote:  "And about the prospects for Iraqi dinar to float, like other countries in the region, this relationship does not arise in the present, and we are working on is not currency float, and the big difference between the two."  THAT ARTICLE WAS ONE OF THE MOST INFORMATIVE WE HAVE EVER SEEN...  HE TALKS IN SPECIFICS ABOUT THE...POLITICIANS AND MEDIA STATEMENTS WAGGING THEIR FINGERS ABOUT AUCTION FAILURE AND STABILITY OF IQD...AND HE SAYS IT VERY SIMPLY...YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STABILZE THE IQD BY TURNING OFF THE AUCTION FAUCETS...THE ONLY TRUE WAY TO DELIVER IQD STABILITY IS TO REDUCE THE DEMAND FOR THE USD...AND IDENTIFIES "STRUCTURAL CORRECTION OF THE IRAQI ECONOMY"...AND HOW DO THEY INHERENTLY REDUCE THE DEMAND FOR THE US DOLLAR...   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-9-2016   Newshound Guru Shredd   I see possible evidence of a continued managed float (with continued auctions) before a market-driven (and no auctions) free float. This is why I say this:  "He noted that the solution in Iraq lies in dollar demand reduction through structural correction of the Iraqi economy, and not through refraining from selling the dollar."  "Structural Correction" means a planned, controlled process.  Additionally, if a free float and stopped auctions started now, it would "collapse" Iraq's financial situation.  Bottom line, it's good to see this specifically being discussed. With the project to remove the zeros coming soon, let's watch what happens.  [post 2 of 2]

12-9-2016   Newshound Guru Shredd   Article:  "The Governor of the Central Bank: no way to uninstall window selling the dollar, if the exchange rate became cancelled 3 or 4 thousand, maybe more/"   As I read and reread through this, I look at the big picture which I always try to do. The scope of this is around the auctions. The cbi must keep them going to prevent collapse. They are the single most effective tool right now for the cbi to maintain stability in the currency.  Future state, interest rates will become a primary tool. Now I know some people in the dinar world are going crazy because the word "float" is mentioned but... [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-9-2016   Intel Guru Bruce   We had information...that was indignant that this thing was absolutely supposed to have happened yesterday [Wednesday]. A lot did happened yesterday and more happened today.  What happened yesterday was extremely big and meaningful.  One thing that went on was the US became gold back officially. We had the gold treaty witnessed by the IMF, the World Bank, the World Court, and by the US Treasury.  That gave us a gold back currency which was announced basically through the banks around the world by this morning. That was huge.  I heard the UN suppose to have made an announcement this afternoon, but I have not uncovered the proof...   This puts us in a new light.   Each country is now asset back, gold back around the world.   ...the Islamic gold agreement was passed so those countries in the Middle East could be gold backed. We understand they are as well.  ...my understanding is everything is in place. There might be a few details here and there that are being cleaned up, but I really think we are in a place where we can have an outstanding next few days.  ...I think we should have the best Christmas ever.

12-9-2016   Newshound Guru mike
   It's clear that Keywords knows that if they unpeg today, the dinar will crater, with no economy to support it, there's no demand. Now all Keywords (and the rest of us dinar holders) need is for Parliament to sharpen their pencils and get this legislation passed to create the needed economic activity to empower the dinar.  From what I can tell, Iraq is going to follow the advice of the IMF and keep the dinar pegged to the dollar, keep the auctions going and push Parliament to enact the needed economic legislation. Once that's done they'll get the MCP straight and the system liberalized, and then slowly begin adding value to the dinar...Iraq has a lot of work to do and it's becoming more and more obvious that the dinar isn't severely undervalued...   Heck, even today, the street rate is almost 10% less than face value. Once the legislation is passed and the IMF requirements are met and the dinar moves to Article VIII, then I'll get excited.  Here's hoping the reserves will last that long.

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