Wednesday, December 7, 2016


12-7-2016   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Central Bank Governor: no room to cancel the sale of the dollar window, if canceled, the exchange rate has become 3 or 4000 and maybe more"   Quote:  "...we are working to free floating currency..."   ...direct from governor of CBI.  Words in article...are absolutely validation on the plan...  CBI Governor confirms float of the dinar. Though great news and vindication, he says they are not ready yet. I can wait. ...today's news is absolutely amazing and validation we wanted to hear.

12-7-2016   Newshound Guru Stryker   Iraq's 2017 Budget Voted Into The History Books.

12-7-2016   Intel Guru Bruce 
  I am excited.  In terms of Intel guys, the Intel we have been putting out has been coming out from my sources only.  Intel wise we are about as button up as we can be for this to go. We are waiting for us to be notified.  Things are happening in Iraq and the Middle East making this thing happen. I think this week is still our week. The Islamic Gold Standard Agreement what was holding this RV up from what we understand.  The Islamic Gold Standard Agreement was passed. That was huge. The law was changed so the currencies in the Middle East could be gold backed.  Even though it is Tuesday we have a lot of week to go. I want everyone to stay ready for this at any moment.   Let us see what happens.

12-7-2016  Newshound Gurus Kaperoni & Admin Bob   Article:  "Central Bank announces start the exchange of credit information system "electronically"   Quote:  "Iraqi Central Bank announced on Tuesday, to work with an electronic system for the exchange of credit information, explaining that "this system allows the government and private banks to the exchange of credit information among themselves and between the Central Bank of timely and reliable manner"  Another very signifcant banking announcement came today.  The Central Bank of Iraq announced the launch of the electronic system for the exchange of credit information. More good news for sure.

12-7-2016   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   ...there is SOOOOO much great financial / economic / legal news... lately...how can we NOT be really jazzed about where things are?  The general consensus - we are in a VERY SHORT window... things are moving fast for Iraq right now...

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