Tuesday, December 27, 2016


12-27-2016  Newshound Guru Breitling  …everyone is asking me about Citibank.  Yes, Citibank is selling dinar again.  The naysayers say it’s [owning dinar] illegal.  Or the banks don’t want it.  None of it’s true.  It was disruptive to their [banks'] businesses.  Remember there was a time when there were little old ladies calling these banks everyday and asking them did the dinar revalue.  Every single day.  It was such a huge epidemic that it was disrupting business.  You literally had thousands and thousands of phone calls.  I know this for a fact because I talked to some of the people who were in charge of the entire west coast at Bank of America and they specifically told me they were not going to sell dinar cause it’s disruptive to business…it wasn’t worth it to them.  Having said that…they bought their own dinar.  I promise you they did…especially Chase Bank…[Post 1 of 2 stay tuned for the rest of the story]

12-27-2016   Newshound Guru loop
   The CBI has indicated some kind of structural economic reform is on the horizon. I would really be surprised if they pegged the to the SDR. Ultimately I do not care how it happens. Just as long as some kind of value change happens.

12-27-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "the importance of e-cash and its effect on increasing the money supply within the banking system"   ...the e-dinar has many important reasons for its implementation.  ...they went before parliament and got it approved to roll out to all provinces and are doing so. Simply put this is their solution to lack of liquidity in the banks.   But...it does not stop there since there are audit traits to fight and catch corruption.  ...we are seeing the process of the project to delete the zeros being implemented right in front of our noses.   If you are not paying the salaries, pensions and other gov’t programs in cash then the CBI is not infusing the 3 zero notes back into circulation. Also the merchants, now hooked up to swipe their debit cards, eliminate cash dinars taken to the currency auctions. Instead they electronically use the e-dinar system to get dollars to pay for their imports. A complete audit trail.

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