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12-16-2016   Intel Guru Delta
    Finally ...the ATM’s...unlike the old ATM’s ...the new ones will take the LD’s.  If they don’t increase the value...give an incentive to the citizens...they won’t get the currency off of the street.  The CBI will increase the value BEFORE they introduce the LD’s.  We are really close.  My humble opinion...we should see the rate moving BEFORE the end of the year because the CBI told us so.  This plan was set a long time ago...before Shabibi...all part of the plan.  The CBI’s intention...is to raise the IQD to its former glory ...they are talking about over $3...but they said that will take a little time...   This is their goal, but they have to start somewhere.  The rate has to move...sometime this year...based on what the CBI told us.   All good news...all positive news!  The CBI is really very quiet right now...and that is a good indication that they will do something.  Watch for the next 24-48 hours...something is up...  We are waiting to see something official.   [post 3 of 3]

12-16-2016   Intel Guru Delta    Next...the IMF...Looks like good news...they lifted the restrictions from the exchange rate.  ...because they are not Article 8...they can’t go with a program rate.  They need currency reform.  They have no choice. Currency reform must take place in order for them to go international.  Investors must be able to move money into dinars...and now by lifting the IMF restrictions, they will be able too.  ...Alak says they are not going to float the currency.  He is stating he is going to lift the restrictions from the exchange rate...free float is not really in their plans.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

12-16-2016   Intel Guru Delta   the Iraqi constitution does NOT allow Parliament to add any kind of articles to the budget – they can either refuse it, or sent it back to modify things they don’t like – they CANNOT ADD to it!  ...there was a lot of discussions, arguments and basically every group in parliament wanted to add something...so they added 10-15 new articles.  They approved the budget and they basically sent it to the President...he is supposed to sign it...and then it goes into the Gazette.  But a lot in the government and the Kurds didn’t like it...but Abadi did something very smart. The government is not going to refuse it.  They are going to wait until the budget is published in the Gazette...the added articles shouldn’t interfere with the budget...and the things they don’t like...they are going to the supreme court to fight ONLY THOSE ARTICLES.   But if those articles are ok...and they won’t cost them more money...they’ll let it go and pass it.  For Abadi...it’s a WIN-WIN situation.  As soon as it’s in the Gazette...it’s basically law ...taking effect in January.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

12-16-2016   Newshound Guru MadDScout   Article:  "Parliament will vote on the federal budget for 2017"  This is the after report on the vote in parliament.  This is just a way different budget (IMO) than we have seen in budgets of the past.  None of them had the kind of "Activate the private sector" talk that seems to be a part of this one. Especially if you know that, what we as investors are waiting on is the activation in full of all reforms. Many of these are in various states of completion. Some being done, some waiting on certain parameters to be met ( i.e. budget vote? Complete GOI? <<(IMO)) With the signing off agency being the IMF.   So for those who feel this can drag on just remember, they are being directed and guided by IMF and for IMF to sign off, they need accomplish those things stipulated.

12-16-2016   Intel Guru Frank26  
 Will they finish the budget HECK YES!  ...Abadi is moving things on to resolve the budget so not to cause a delay.  Anything can flip within a few hours. It’s going to happen!  Abadi has made it clear.  We will have a budget this year.  I believe that budget needs a new rate.  So...FLOAT or FIXED RATE?  It’s a process of many steps...but we are past 1st base ...we are rounding 3rd base...heading into a home-run. Don’t be looking for an announcement or celebrations on the street.  It’s a process NOT an event.  It will be a process...the RI into a RV...  [post 3 of 3]

12-16-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   I’ve said...GIVE ME MOSUL and you’ll see the MR [Monetary Reform]?  Do you think they have Mosul?  I wouldn’t say 100%...but do they have enough to proclaim that it’s basically liberated.  ...it’s going very well.  Syria and Iraq’s borders are secure.  Mosul will bring security for the MR.  Abadi is going to give you Mosul family...and the budget of 2017. The budget wasn’t passed...they added things that was unconstitutional... can’t go any further without the budget...The IMF review...part of it was HUGE for the MR ...it said that they lifted the restrictions of the exchange rate – but they have to wait for the budget.  The HCL...which is in the BUDGET...is not done yet...and won’t be until the budget is done...they’ve been given a specific amount of time to get it done...   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

12-16-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   ...we told you there was a time period...The 11th, 12, and the 13th...we felt there would be some meetings.  The MEETINGS...very big...people from all over the world.   Based on those who went there...(guesstimate)...it was a very good meeting.   IMO – Abadi was at those meetings.  The UST and the IMF and UN were definitely were there.  They did a lot of work in these meetings about the MR of their currency.  I do believe that they have decided on a RATE and a DATE...I believe that they have a TARGET.  I do not talk to you about the 15th to the 31st...because it may not take that long ...IMO.   I believe they are pushing for 2016.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned

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