Tuesday, December 13, 2016

CountryGirl70 Intel from WSOMN, 13 REC

CountryGirl70:  Generally, after many years of following the many forums, I do not post very much and if I do I want to be a help and not a hindrance. Soooooo, my Chase WM always remind me that he knows who I am and what I presented to him. That means something to me because it is nice to be acknowledged from time to time.

 I ask him about the sleeping giant and I call it the "Z" and he told me that he would gladly assist me with that one as well as any other. He tells me to make sure to call him when the time comes.

I have believed in the Z since 08/09 and when mentioned to the forum I was told to stay away, yet, I continue to study what that country had and what they wanted for their people.

I look at these countries I am interesting in without involving my emotions until I have made a decision. Well, few years later I visited that site and what do I see, someone asking where to buy the Z and I posted where I purchase from.

Many, including the person who said to stay away, is invested. I believe in the Z and all the others and also believe it is our time NOW! NOW is my FAITH.

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