Thursday, December 29, 2016

conversation in a private Skype room called ' RV intel Survival ONLY' , 29 DEC

[6:54:39 AM] Taryn Williams: I live in South Florida. I just called Citibank and verified the exchange rate for Dinar. I was just advised that it was $2.856 per dinar.....YES SOMETHING is happening folk. I was shocked!!! I am one of the most nonbelievers of the RV, something is definitely happening. I am excited!!!!

Paul Davis: Taryn; did you ask if you can exchange? Did you make an appointment?
Columbo One: So, are you hightailing it to the bank?

trading911: Taryn did you ask for IQD aka IRAQ dinar as there are many dinars and most the time they look up another one like Kuwaiti dinar?

Paul Davis: Your very limited comment Taryn is the kind made for misdirection and emotional jerking around. The kind made by paid internet trolls.

Paul Davis: Are you one of them?

Taryn Williams: I said Iraqi Dinar.....I am on my way to the bank now

Paul Davis: Wow, are they expecting you?

Taryn Williams: I am a very serious person, I don't play games

Paul Davis: Good Taryn. I am the first one to admit I am somewhat jaded by so much false information over the years.

pamela Rivi: Ty taryn we could use some good news!

trading911: Taryn I would call them again and see if you get that answer twice
Taryn Williams: Call and verify yourself!

trading911: There is no Citibank in my area

Taryn Williams: No need for me to call again. I am in the parking lot of the bank

trading911: Great you must be close

trading911: Anxious to hear the results

pamela Rivi: The silence in these rooms is deafening

Robert Corbell: Anxious to hear

Paul Davis: I am in Canada and do not have dinar. Just went online TD Bank, one of the so called majors involved. No listing of dinar and Dong has not changed.
pamela Rivi: (yn) good luck Taryn

Taryn Williams: I said Citibank.....not sure why another bank is mentioned. I never said TD Bank or any other bank. I was specific on the name of the bank I verified with. Thank you

Robert Corbell: Go Taryn!!!

trading911: Taryn Paul is allowed to report for his area if he chooses to

pamela Rivi: Why don't you wait to see what happens before you jump all over her.

Taryn Williams: Yes he can. I was just specific at which bank I verified with.

Paul Davis: Am not meaning to be interrogating Taryn. Figure if it is exchangeable in one bank it would also be the same for others. I hope your trip to bank makes for a wonderful exchange. Feel it is important when saying such things that it be verified as many are on an emotional razors edge re such things.

Taryn Williams: After all he has almost called me a troll.

Paul Davis: Go to Citi bank and exchange your IQD Taryn. no need to pay attention to someone like me. The proof of the pudding is found in the eating of it. Words alone do not have taste.

Paul Davis: I hope what you heard on phone is accurate and true.

Paul Davis: I again admit I am cynical and jaded; not your problem, is mine.

trading911: Yeah been on this ride for over 6 years now and many times the teller was looking at the wrong dinar. Thus my suggestion to call again and confirm. Been on many a live call hearing the disappointment when it was determined it was the wrong dinar since there’s at least a half dozen dinars

Paul Davis: I best shut up now. Seems cannot say anything without being upsetting. :-( Just want to know the truth.

Feral Macloud: I just called Citi Bank and the only rate showing on their screen is .0006448. She said all Citibank of course would be exchanging for the same rate throughout the system. Sorry for the not so great news

Paul Davis: Someone, in all innocence, when hearing some good news such as Taryn did, can post the information she just received. Lets extend it. Next thing you know it is posted in Dan's email as intel. then all of a sudden it shows up posted in Dinar Chronicles as intel, usually with a heading blown all out of proportion such as one of my posts her the other day. It was posted at DN, anonymously with a heading MERRY CHRISTMAS; THE RV IS HERE. 
IMO we need to be careful what we say re supposed good news. A lot of peoples hopes, needs, desperation feelings, etc are involved. I cannot help but assume, in a Spiritual sense, we are held responsible for how we impact on others and we need be careful. I have been and still do sometimes, one of the biggest offenders.

[7:51:48 AM] Taryn Williams: Yes guys they are definitely exchanging Dinar at Citibank, however the rates are still rather low. The rate I was given through the call center was NOT correct. I was advised to keep checking the rates every day. They have been fluctuating. They just started exchanging Dinar today. Yes it's true. The rate was a few cents per Dinar. But I see this as a great step in a very positive direction. I did not exchange even though I could have. But I would rather wait until the rates are higher.

Paul Davis: A few cents, say three cents per dinar would mean a 25000 dinar note would exchange for $750. fiat dollars. For some that may be helpful right now. Are you sure of that 'few cents Taryn?

[Edited 7:58:08 AM] Taryn Williams: Let's keep in mind, just last week, they would not even discuss Dinar in South Florida with you. They would look at you as if you had three heads. Just the mere fact that they are selling it and exchanging it is very positive. We also checked with local company in florida "Exchange of America" they are completely out of stock of Dinar, that never happens with this particular company. So I am going to pay very very close attention.

trading911: Taryn how much would they have given you for a 25,000 dinar note?

[7:58:36 AM] Paul Davis: If it is not true it is emphasizing the very point I am doing my best to make. i.e. It is important to know what we are saying re rates and exchange possibilities in the here and now moment. To be unintentionally careless with our words can impact upon others in ways not intended.

JL Estes: PD ~ Thanks! 
And Taryn GOOD JOB keep up the good work!! Thank you for your posts!!

trading911: The last I heard there are 6 brands of banks that are now dealing with IQD. That is positive movement in the right direction.

Taryn Williams: I went into the bank to verify myself. I went to make sure the rate I was quoted on the phone was correct, which it wasn't. I took a 10K note inside I think I was quoted $145.00 to exchange it. The teller was surprised herself that they were exchanging Iraqi Dinar. The point I am trying to make is that the ball is obviously starting to roll. I am happy about that. I don't believe all the fluff from the Gurus. I check things out for myself. I did a little probing. I am pleased with results. I just advise all to be watchful.
heather isham: Thanks Taryn. I for one know your intentions so don't worry about those who suggest otherwise. Thanks for checking it out for ALL of us and now we have some real proof something is going on. I heard the call with you so I know what we were told. Thanks girl..kudos for having the insight for checking it out yourself!

trading911: Taryn thanks for the report

Paul Davis: OK, Taryn. That means the exchange rate for IQD today at Citi Bank is .0145. This is validated and verified by you and your personal word. Nearly one and one half cent per Dinar is the rate at Citi Bank today, confirmed. At that rate a 25000 note would be worth $362.50. 

There may be someone out there, reading these words that has millions of IQD, but not any food. They now know they can take some of their dinar to the currency counter at City Bank and get some money to tide them over till the full RV/GCR happens. Do you mind if I post this info [ the whole conversation] at Dinar Chronicles so that it reaches hundreds of thousands of people and maybe helping some of those in desperate need of a little cash?

pamela Rivi: Good job people! It's good news for a change! Ty

Taryn Williams: I am a sceptic, so I have to go and see for myself. We have been given so much of the Micky Mouse stories. So I get it when I am questioned about this. It is very hard to believe. Honestly, I get it.

[8:26:46 AM] Paul Davis: Taryn--Do you mind if I post this information, validated and confirmed by you, that one can exchange Dinar today at Citi Bank for one point 45 cents per dinar?

Paul Davis: at Dinar Chronicles

trading911: Paul not sure that is a good idea. Others have gone to BOA today and the rate is the program rate

Lois Wolf: What does program rate mean?

Lanalane !: .008 cents

Lanalane !: 8/100s of a cent

Lanalane !: $20~$25/25K note, what we paid for the notes is 'program' rate

Lois Wolf: No not what is the rate but what does program rate mean?

Lanalane !: I answered you, it is the rate that was forced on the Iraqi dinar after the invasion

trading911: Lois BOA is offering actually below the program rate in reality. Most people paid between $1000 to 1200 per million. BOA is offering between $840-$860 per million

Paul Davis: OK; will not pursue making my point, that words about possible exchange rates and today's possibilities have impact on others; any further.

[8:33:37 AM] Lois Wolf: Sounds like banks are still all about them making $$.

Taryn Williams: What they can do is call and verify themselves. Rates fluctuate continuously throughout the day.

trading911: Lois BANKS will ALWAYS be about making $$ lol

[8:38:37 AM] Taryn Williams: I don't mind it being posted

[8:39:36 AM] Paul Davis: OK will send to Patrick. he will decide if it is worth posting. 

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