Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Bluwolf: 12-28-16 Good evening to all. I know of people who got there SKR'S luguify (liquefy?)in Spain as off three weeks back. I know of churches who have done the same.

I know of all the alerts on all mainland agencies in tune to the GCR, PP, RV and their Eagle 1 securities for this exchange.

I know of all major banks who said they never will sell or exchange, now they are selling in blocks of 10 millions the dinars.

I know of 45 times that the presidency has stopped this these last 8 years and he still is…. to a point.

I also know of this new Republic and it's organigrama (?) and it's true values.

I also know that this new potus stated that he will:  

1- will reinstall the Golden Standard,

2- eliminate for once and for all the Federal Reserve.

The 800#S are on their way and we are waiting anxiously for them to be given. That is where we are folks fine and simple.

Na'maste Bluwolf

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