Friday, December 30, 2016


Arthur   Contrary to popular belief, Iraq is still not completely out of all remaining sanctions.  

Among the remaining are the ones regarding their ongoing status with Kuwait. The Kuwaitis are still owed reparations and other concerns such as the reception of the bodies back to Kuwaiti soil.

An historic meeting occurred today in which 4 important agreements were signed by the two countries which included the readiness of Iraq to supply Kuwait 200 million standard cubic feet of gas. 

We now await to see if this will be sufficient for the UN to move Iraq to chap VIII which would trigger the UST to give the CBI the green light to more forward with the monetary reform.

At this time they are still on schedule for early 2017.

Arthur   Their holiday was supposed to be 60 days but has been trimmed to 20 days due to the importance of implementing the 2017 budget starting the next legislative session on Jan 2, 2016.

During the beginning of this session they are scheduled to pass 50 plus laws including all the important laws we still need including the Federal and Accountability Law, and the all important HCL which will keep them on track and on schedule for full monetary reform early 2017.

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