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Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:54 PM EST on December 10, 2016

Hello and welcome to my breakdown of the currency situation. As most of us are aware, the revaluation of the world's currency and the exchange initiative are a part of a much broader series of planned events to free this Earth from her captors.

Many have been asking "Why hasn't it happened yet?" Many are impatient. Many have pressing financial concerns. Many are tired of receiving information that doesn't pan out. Many just want to move on with their lives.

Let me start by saying that "truth" is a touchy subject. Truth be told I don't even like using the word "truth" because it sounds so final and authoritarian. A lot of what we tell as "truth" are just our best beliefs which are all at various levels of distortion. I realize this every day when I try to offer "truth" to the average man on the street who is unaware of the various conspiratorial goings on in the world. You see "truth" like any other information, can only be received by one whose beliefs permit it to be received. We see this every day. We lament it because it makes it very difficult to wake up the sleeping masses, but many times we are also negatively impacted by the limits of our own beliefs, which do not permit more layers of truth into our own perspective.

A healthy "skepticism" is necessary, as science likes to say. "Discernment" as the new age movement likes to say. Blind faith can be used to lead you astray, as certain members of the currency community have experienced recently with a certain betrayal.

I am going to offer you a bigger picture as to "Why hasn't it happened yet" and I encourage you to do your own research around the topics I raise, to learn what you can and see how the information sits with your core beliefs.

Realize that, myself included, everyone offering you information, whether it comes from channelings, contacts in the political or financial sectors, or wherever else it may be coming from....the source of that information may not know every angle to the story. Even if a source says everything seems ready to go, that does not necessarily mean that it is completely ready to go because there may be factors at play of which that source is unaware. This is important for you as an information receiver to keep in mind on your daily quests to create a clearer picture of the situation.

Here are some pieces of information I trust and keep in mind whenever I read other information. Note again, I am not encouraging you to trust what I trust just because I trust it. I encourage you to go through your own process and determine what makes sense for you.

1. The Cobra Information. Cobra is a pleiadian contactee and a pleiadian himself in former lives. He was born into this life NOT having his memories of former lives erased and he receives information from the pleiadian military who is aiding and assisting the Earth liberation effort. His information can be followed on his blog at http://2012portal.blogspot.com/ Some key points of that information include the assertion that the solar system and primarily the Earth is being held hostage by a group of extrastellar beings called "The Chimera Group." This group is closely tied to the Orion energy groups dominating planet Earth with the Babylonian money "magic" system. According to Cobra, in order to hold the Earth hostage, the Chimera Group, who has at their disposal very advanced technologies, has implanted "toplet bombs" at various points within the Earth, in satellites around the Earth, and even inside some people on Earth. This, Cobra says, is the Cabal's real trump card and the real reason why the extraterrestrial light forces do not intervene more directly. Cobra says the pleiadian military is working diligently to remove the bombs, which he says are not bombs as we might normally understand them because they exist on the plasma plane. Each toplet bomb is capable of destroying the Earth all by itself and Cobra says the Chimera have thousands of them implanted at this time. Over time the pleiadians have developed techniques to remove all of the strangelet bombs scattered throughout the solar system and many of the toplet bombs in the Earth area, but the more key locations are well protected and progress lately has been slow.

What Does This Have To Do With The Currency Revaluation?

The currency revaluation is part of a process of handing over power from the dark forces, which are on their way out, to the light forces which are currently on the way to taking power. The dark does not want to give up its power and will use every means at its disposal to preserve it. It will use every resource at its disposal to negotiate a deal more in alignment with its goal of stopping or slowing down this process. As long as those toplet bombs are in place, it has room to negotiate.

2. The Corey Goode Information. Corey is an active member of what we may call the "Secret Space Program," which includes mostly defense and aerospace corporate conglomerate entities and military industrial complex entities. They exist primarily in space with stations orbiting various planets and moons, outposts scattered throughout the solar system, mining programs in the Kuiper belt and Mars. He says their technology is much more advanced than what we have on the surface of Earth and includes superluminal interstellar craft, hologram-and-frequency-based healing machines, and even a form of a time travel technology. He says the programs are very much compartmentalized, totalitarian, and heirarchy-based and the higher levels of these programs regularly interact with extraterrestrial species and convene conferences with them regarding treaties and the ongoing situations involving the Earth and exopolitics. Corey has lately asserted that the secret space programs are involved in the negotiations of the new financial system and that the negotiations are ongoing and will continue to be ongoing. He asserts that the secret space program wants to integrate its technologies with the surface population, but in a way that is safe for both us and them. He asserts the dark's agenda at many meetings has been to sway the light to believe that slow and partial disclosure is the way to go because most people are not ready for the truth all at once and the lightforces, being sympathetic to the calmness of society, has agreed. The dark gets the benefit of having their crimes against humanity hidden and the light gets the benefit of a peaceful environment in which to continue their agenda of raising humanity's vibration.

(As a side note: The Secret Space program information also includes this idea of a "Galactic Wave" pulsed out from the galactic central "sun" which is predicted to occur between 2018 and 2024 at the very latest. This pulse will purportedly accomplish three things: A) It will destroy the AI omnidirectional presence which is enslaving the Draco through their nanotechnology, making the Draco vulnerable enough that we may be able to finish them off B) Cause an EMP-like effect, disabling all of our current electronic-based technology, including all the technology currently being used to enslave our vibration and consciousness and C) Upgrade our DNA, shifting our bodies more toward an energetic form (but still physical), and returning our telepathic functions to us, which among many positive benefits it will be impossible to lie to us, even the average joe on the street. The reason I mention this phenomenon is because its such an interesting story all by itself and how will society function in the coming years if this happens. How would it affect our plans as humanitarian project developers?)

What Does This Have To Do With The Currency Revaluation?

The negotiations are ongoing for how technology and disclosure will be bundled into the new financial system. This is very much a fluid process and few things are set in stone.

3. Sheldan Nidle, who channels for the sirians, which are part of the Earth liberation forces along with the pleiadians, has stated that the new US republic government has a deadline to flip the US-at-large over to a constitution-based republic (aka: the new government we've all been waiting for). This deadline is February, 2017. We shall see if this deadline shall be successfully met. We already know they are behind schedule.

What Does This Have To Do With The Currency Revaluation?

If you've studied the depths of the law of the United States, then you know how corrupt it is. You know we are operating on an admiralty/maritime system which gives power to international entities (specifically the British Crown and the Vatican) instead of a sovereign system run by the people. You know as long as the Federal Reserve exists and as a corporation supplying money for the nation, that the nation cannot be sovereign, but only equal to the status of a corporation. You know that our courts are corporate courts run by executive administrators posing under color of law as judges and that de facto courts with administrators making summary rulings are unconsitutional. You know that our entire country amounts to nothing more than a corporation and its "laws" are actually just codes and statutes, which are the equivalent of the corporate policy at McDonalds telling you what you can and can't do while you're at work. Of course this only works if you're considered an employee or property of the corporation. You know our lawyers work for the British Crown, who is owned by the Vatican, and aid and abed this whole scheme with their practice of admiralty/maritime law and their black wall of silence regarding the unconstitutionality of the whole thing. You know that the whole system is going to take some time to get it back to where it needs to be. Just my opinion, but I would say even if they had begun this process in earnest five years ago, they would not finish by February of 2017. Why? Because our legal system is labyrinthine and vast. To gut it out, figure out its new operation criteria, make all the employment adjustments, train all the new Constitutional lawyers and public servants in its operation, and educate the public as to how their new law system works is a massive, massive effort. And so far as we can see, it has barely begun.

Why Is This Important For The Currency Revaluation?

Because until NESARA is announced and in-force, until we are free of the admiralty/maritime legal system owned and operated by the British Crown/Vatican, it means the Cabal owns our entire legal system and this is not a safe circumstance in which to flood the new wealth. There's too much potential legal trickery the Cabal can administer to siphon off that wealth, even if they can't do it directly from the banks.

The Chicken and the Egg Scenario:

Does NESARA need to come before our exchange or can our exchange come before NESARA?

NESARA needs to come before our exchange. The new republican government, which already exists, does not need NESARA to make its exchange and receive its funds. In fact, we know it has already done so along with the other T1 exchanges. So that is done. It has its initial funding right now. However, it is too dangerous for us to exchange before NESARA because the legal territory for our project spending will be an ongoing problem. Even if it looks clear now (which it doesn't), the Cabal can still whip up a bill out of nowhere to put a clamp on us while we are under admiralty/maritime law.


It means our exchange is not right around the corner. The banks may very well be ready at this moment to fulfill their part in all of this. I get that. That doesn't mean the bigger picture is ready for us to go. This is about much more than just the banks being ready. The entire legal system needs to be ready. The light forces need to be in charge of the government to create a safe environment for all of this to play out in. The Cabal is not done fighting yet. They still retain enough power that this step is not ready to execute.

Okay, so you don't have to believe any of this. But its something to keep in mind when week and after week you keep asking "Why aren't we going yet?" and no one seems to be able to give a satisfactory answer. 

What is my motivation in telling you all of this? I'm tired of seeing people upset when they are led astray, when they invest their faith and trust in information that falls through, and when they make poor financial decisions based on faulty predictions. I KNOW its easy to want to believe that this is right around the corner because SO MANY need this to be right around the corner. Trust me, I want it just as bad as you do. In fact, I think its fair to say that ALL of the light forces are united in spirit and WANT this or something like this to happen NOW. There is a vast and overwhelming longing to be free!! We are all, universally, sick of the bullshit!! But it appears, to me at least, that the reality of the situation does not permit it being right around the corner. The fact that it hasn't occurred yet is a testament to the remaining power of the dark. At the very least it appears months into the distance. Yes progress is being made. Every day it is. But the really huge change we need first, the new government, is not there (not even announced). The really huge change we need first, the defeat of the Cabal, is not quite there.

Everything is in motion toward this end, the particulars still in flux, but nevertheless the conclusion is inevitable. 

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