Saturday, November 26, 2016


006 :  The last caller on the wingit call today stated she has tons of boots on the ground contacts in iraq and she said the incontrovertible dinar is 1.00 plus and lower denomination bills are being used

HalfDozen:  006 my contact came home last week and said the same thing.

Lostnq8:  I would have thought that O would have wanted this feather in his cap. So I guess this proves he is not the one stopping it.

MyJourney:  There r 206 countries waiting.. Zap says $ on Tues. More bad guys getting arrested. We also wait to see what the markets will do re this crash....NEXT week as usual…..IMO the markets can't wait till Jan. So Im going with that and the GCR be the fix

Lostnq8:  Just one thing to say, I have a feeling that something big is brewing. There is too much silence lately. This world is in a bind and the dam has to break sometime.

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