Monday, November 14, 2016


BigB:  .Here is the new link (tried and proven) for the wing it call concerning Chase Bank info…. REPLAY FOR FRIDAYS CALL https://t.co/fIjlV3MIgJ  

Gretah:  BigB = Thanks for the link. Just listened to the Chase bank story you sent in. Very heartening to hear a bank story coming from a source that is not TNT. No exchange yet, but I agree with you that it sounds like the account opening officer was practicing for opening very large accounts.

JoeyJoey100:   Yep heard the call and sounded good. When I met my Wealth Mgr. at Fargo we went thru the same story about a million questions. Saw my Drivers Liscense etc how many children, how long of my residence. So I ws glad to have done the check a year or so ago.

BigB:  I personally know this person. Known her for 5 years as I got her involved. I don't post much or add to chat as my intel is usually derailed by the sites. It happened last night.

BigB:  About 6 years ago I wrote about the coming GCR and was slammed by all of dinar world. So today I lurk and seldom share my intel.

It is my belief that Iraq is only an indicator of the GCR, much like the fuel gauge in your car. The hat on "indicates" how much fuel is left copared to how much was used. When the GCR is ready, Iraq will be finished.

Gretah:  BigB - I agree. Iraq is only an indicator.

BigB:   My original post about 6 years ago was on the original Okie site. My post stated a rate for the IQD, the change to an asset based US note, the change to a flat 15% tax, no IRS, and the GCR.

BigB:  It really doesn't matter what the rate is, you will adjust your lifestyles and projects accordingly. Just like you currently do with a new job or pay increase.

Cantap:  BigB: Can you throw out a number between 1 and 3?

BigB:  Cant...We know the rate should be at or above $3.71. Does it really matter? You will sleep better at night when you stop focusing on rates.

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