Saturday, November 19, 2016

"W hat Was The Hold Up" - VERITAS Report, 19 NOV

"W hat Was The Hold Up" - VERITAS Report - 11.18.16   11:11:00 PM 
 It helps to remember that this is a massive process.
It is absolutely moving on the last steps. It is just beyond description to watch it from inside.
Final testing of distribution tracking so that cabal is totally contained was part of the process after release. Just slower than our excited selves want.
Other payments that must be made prior to Tier 3 preparations were not flowing smoothly. That is being taken care of now.
Watch over the weekend for our magic number and then full court press on Monday as best estimate based on all inside Intel. Different pieces will flow through next week, but we should all be at a clear understanding of what and when as the week begins.
I am so utterly stoked.
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