Monday, November 7, 2016


Veritas:  Hey, Matt. 

"If election happens is GESARA dead?"

Absolutely not.

Everything - EVERYTHING - listen to me - E V E R Y T H I N G that happens was already anticipated and prepared for. If the election happens, then that was determined as the very best scenario. If an announcement is made before, then that was determined as the sequence.

No one but those at the very, very, very top know the exact options and even then it is up to the final button pusher. Just realize, this decision needs to consider public reaction which is a very big factor, negative action by the enemy, difficulties in bringing charges out or notifying the public of charges, and many other factors.

The better question is will it happen soon and will we receiving funding soon?

Yes and yes.

Right now there are actions scheduled from midnight on through Wednesday for releasing funds, implementing an announcement, etc.

They will get it right. Only they know all the factors involved but trust them to make the absolutely right decision.

Our role, be ready, don't panic, save mental energy for implementation. Do not let stress shred your mind. Blow it off and let this be what it is.


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