Sunday, November 20, 2016


Elmerf123456:  You worry about a problem it becomes double, but while you smile at it, it will disappear like a bubble

So laugh at your challenge maintaining your smile. Smile to begin this great day and good morning to all

Iraq will have big smiles soon enough. Just watch and that's all the proof you will need. Good news we can all use especially Iraqi people.

ChampagneLife:  Elmerf, isnt Iraq celebrating already? or just rumor?

Elemerf123456:  The pendulum of change has happened in Iraq but in terms of Mosul, you will know when that is officially done and you will not miss a thing.

Remember I said officially!
Late Saturday Night:

Saturday UPDATE for November 19, 2016

PM Abadi was on Iraqi TV guaranteeing that Mosul would be liberated by the end of 2016.
Alaq announced that the National Reconciliation Agreement is ready and indicated that the citizens of Iraq will have a new life when Mosul is free.

The Budget is anticipated to be voted on and passed before the end of November. I'm still not sure on when it will be "implemented."

Capt.Willie:  My wife and I went out for Chinese tonight. Afterwards we opened up the fortune cookies. Hers said that she would be coming into great wealth and mine said that there would be something wonderful happening next Saturday.

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